The Savvy Story

As a young girl I was enamored with my great grandmother.

She was a middle-class woman in her late sixties, and recently retired from a lifetime of working. Always clean and well groomed, she was never found without her lipstick on and hair set.

Yet, she was a very simple woman, never taken by trendy movements or flashy fads.

Instead, she treasured the things that mattered most: family, finding beauty in the everyday things, seeking peace in every moment and creating legacy for her children's children, to the fourth generation after her.

She had a guest room upstairs that was immaculate: it had a cozy bed with fresh linens and fluffy pillows, a closet full of old formal gowns, and a dresser with a mirrored vanity tray from the 1940's- with the matching comb, brush and handheld mirror.

And on that vanity tray was a small, gold plated glass perfume bottle- it was the roll-on kind with the fabric pad as the applicator.

My cousins and I would get the luxury of staying in that room when we were guests. And we would spend HOURS in there, sitting at the vanity, holding the brush and mirror, applying the perfume to our wrists, and pretending to be movie stars or royal ambassadors or "career girls", as my great grandmother always told us to become

We could become anything we wanted to in that room. And we did...

And now, these forty years later, as I connect with the hearts of my customers,  I realize that the spirit of my grandmother has transcended through the products- the spirit of Savvy Boheme:

Natural, simple, beautiful, free to BE, smart, industrious, honoring the time.

The Savvy Bohemian knows:

Her life IS the Beautiful Era.

The Savvy Story

Passion, Purpose & Vision

Savvy Bohème knows that “Women of That Perfect Age” want to face the world with a radiant glow of confidence, but won’t abide harsh chemicals or a complicated regimen. 

They deserve vibrantly beautiful skin with nonsurgical, nontoxic, plant and mineral based products that deliver real results.

They deserve a healthy, eco-conscious brand they can trust.  

 Savvy Bohème serves women with full schedules and full hearts who desire a  natural, supple appearance that requires less make up and less time to achieve.

 Age does not have to reflect the negative impact of time with saggy, splotchy, uneven looking skin. 

We help to recapture that clear, fresh-face glimmer of life and show the world what true beauty really is. 

Just as the value of fine wine increases with each passing year, so too the  beauty of “Women of That Perfect Age.” 

They walk in the light of LIFE, and we want to honor their time on the Earth.

The Savvy Story