4 Reasons To Soak In A Bath (and the fourth one will shock you!)

March 12, 2022
I recently started making our version of the Bath Bomb-

similar to those you find at your other favorite skin care stores, but with a very valuable twist:

TOTALLY natural, RICH and LUXURIOUS ingredients, and no need for moisturizer after use!

And then, I started asking people if they preferred showers or baths.

To my surprise, one out of three people said they only, always shower.

And half said they prefer showers.

Being a lifelong avid soaker, I am as perplexed by this response almost as much as when people tell me they don't like coffee...

Their anti-bather reasons: takes too long, feels like floating in their own filth, dries skin out, don't care about soaking, etc...

I get it...

I just don't GET IT. 🤣

And for whatever reason, I can never leave well-enough alone, because there's something about the stuff I love that makes me want to make others LOVE them, too. 

Because I just know that if I explained WHY they should love it, they really would...

And I only love stuff that brings great benefit to all...

So, to that end, I give you:

4 Reasons To Soak In A Bath 

(and the fourth one will shock you! )

1. Instantly decreases stress and anxiety

From the moment the stopper covers the bath drain, the brain begins to activate the parasympathetic nervous system: it knows it's about to CHILL OUT.

Both hot and cold baths have been proven to cause the body to release feel-good chemicals- endorphins- that promote instant and overall mood enhancement. 

Relaxed, deep breathing that is inherent in baths improves oxygenation in the cells, and improves lung capacity.

A 15-20 minute bath brings instant but short term results, while studies show that regular 45-60 minute soaks may reprogram the brain to calibrate regularly to better feelings.

Both hot and cold baths act as pain relivers as well, reducing physical stress.


2. Increases Metabolic Activity and Promotes Weight Loss

Recent studies have shown that soaking in extreme water temps, whether cold at 57*F or hot at 102*F, causes body core temperature to overcompensate, improving metabolic rate, improving blood pressure, lowering blood sugar through glycolic transport through the body, and improves sleep. 45 minutes to one hour in hot water or 3-5 minutes in a cold plunge, three-five times weekly can yield positive results.

Many do both in one experience, with good results.

Improved health by relaxing in a hot tub? Ok. I'll take it!


3. Creates a Self-Care Ritual To Promote Presence In The Moment

So often, we rush from one daily task to another, checking things off our list without enjoying the process of daily life. 

And then, when we look back at the day, week, month or years past, we realize we missed the joys and delights that were hidden in the routines. We miss the point of growth and expansion and daily living.

The process of a regular soak in the tub requires deliberate preparation and presence for self-care:

  • Putting the plug into the tub and getting the water temperature just right
  • Pouring yourself a glass of your favorite beverage
  • Gathering your bathrobe, bed clothes and towel
  • Choosing the perfect sounds for the experience on your music device
  • Dimming the lights and lighting the candles
  • Adding bath salts or bombs or bubbles to the water
  • Choosing to relax and allow the experience to nourish you

And once the soaking begins, the only place to BE is Present.

As we should be.

4. Hear God More Clearly

Now, this is just my thought and observation, based on a lifetime of soaking, and it would be considered anecdotal, but I feel like since we are 75% water, our bodies become attuned to higher thought frequencies while we are submerged in water.

I remember telling people that I always feel like I can hear God better in water. And then I found many others who've said the same...

The Word of God does say that the Voice of God sounds like the roar of many waters...

And then, there's this:

"As deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls, all of your billows and breakers wash over me..." -Psalm 42:7

Just writing that made me want to head to the ocean and dive in...

I remember one period of time in my life, I had a severe, intense pain that lasted all day, every day, for months. I couldn't find the cause of the pain, but I found that the only time the pain stopped was while I was soaking in a tub. 

One day while in the tub, after MUCH anguish and seeking answers from docs and google, I decided to ask the Lord a very specific question:

I asked for a word of knowledge regarding the pain. 

And as I lay quietly, I heard an instruction in my spirit.

I got out of the tub, and obeyed the instruction, googling what I heard.

Moments later, I found a video describing the pain, source and cure. I applied what I discovered, and the pain was gone INSTANTLY.

To say I was thankful for the relief is an understatement, but what I am also VERY thankful for is knowing that when I have hard questions, or just want to have time with the Lord, I know I can hear better in water.

It continues to work for me, placebo or not, and even in my dreams, there's always water around me when I'm getting a message from God.

I consider soaking to be a delicious self-care ritual.

If you soak, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

It can be a powerful point of alignment for your body, soul + spirit!

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 Ps. If you love to soak, I'd love to hear your "WHY" in the comments!