Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened to all my favorite Savvy Boheme products? We decided after much deliberation that it was wise for us to relaunch with all our focus on one single, innovative product in order to take Savvy Boheme where we've envisioned. As soon as we hit prescribed benchmarks, we will slowly begin relaunching each of our formulations, beginning with those you all loved the most: Facial Trivium, Gravitas, Allons-Y! Deodorants, The Help Therapeutic Creme, Bath and Body Oils, Facial Cleansing Oil, and then the rest. Stick with us- it'll be worth it, we promise! 
  2. Do you have a storefront where I can purchase the products? Not now, but we have plans for one in the works in Midlothian, Texas. We'll keep ya posted when it opens. 
  3. Can I return my product if I don't like it? Absolutely. We want you to be completely satisfied with your Savvy Boheme experience. If a return or exchange is required, we will need the original product returned to us for quality control purposes. We will cover the return shipping if we caused an error (shipped wrong product, defective product, etc…). You will be responsible for return shipping if the problem is beyond our control (allergies, sensitivities, you don’t like it, etc…). If returns/ refunds become frequent (more than twice), we will direct you to find a brand that might be a better fit for your skincare needs. Please send all returns to 640 South Loop, Cedar Hill, Tx, 75104. As soon as we receive tracking for your return, or the package itself, we will exchange or refund your product.

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