Why Miron Glass?

Light + Life are in your products!

Your Savvy Bohème products are precious and living- we feature REAL & RAW ingredients in our formulations.

This is the secret to our products' success.

And we want to keep them that way.

So we chose to package our products in a type of container that would not only protect and preserve our ingredients, but also PROMOTE increased performance of the product. 

We chose Miron Biophotonic Violet Glass.

"Bio" means "life" and "photonic" means "light": The containers enhance the energy within the product, and yield light and life to the customer...To YOU. 

Miron Violet Glass also helps our natural products stay self-preserved for longer periods of time.

Watch this video to learn more about Miron Biophotonic Violet Glass!

And as an added bonus to you, the products are 100% reusable and yield the same benefits to YOUR ingredients as well! 

Miron Biophotonic Violet Glass bottles and jars retail for $15-$20 EACH because of their great value to ingredients. And so, it's our desire that you take full advantage of the value of the bottles by reusing in your own homes and sharing them with your friends! They make excellent gifts!

Just pop your jar or bottle into the dishwasher when it's empty, and fill it with the ingredients of your choice!

Keep in mind that the intrinsic nature of the bottles are to power up and prolong the life and efficacy of the ingredient contained within it. REAL, RAW, living ingredients are perfect options for these bottles and jars.

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