Ready to Take 2021 by the horns and steer it the way YOU want it to go?

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Beginning on Jan 4, We are running a 21 day challenge where you will be rewarded on the front end AND the back end! 

You'll cash in on your loyalty for referring your friends and family to us (25% of every order that comes through you is YOURS! And your friend will get 10% off their total cart! Plus, you all know we always have something extra to give to our customers! We have a few items on sale RIGHT NOW!)

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Also, the top 10 qualifying sales affiliates will win a pair of Kendra Scott earrings, and the TOP qualifying sales affiliate will get to choose $1000 worth of prizes for our selection of HIGH END rewards! 

We will go live daily in our Facebook group, connecting and encouraging you all, giving tips and love over the next 21 days!

Our average sale online is valued at $130, which looks like $32.50 for you, just for sharing a link!            



Join today, and be sure to hop into the Facebook challenge group as well, so we can all connect! 

Let's Cash OUT and Cash IN!!!

Sign up on the link below to get your unique affiliate code- on the bottom right hand of the screen, and join the Facebook group as well! 

See you on the 4th!


***Top Qualifying Sales Affiliates: top 10 generated sales above $1000

*** Top Qualifying Sales Affiliate: The TOP generated sales above $3000