What is Véritaloe and why do we love it?

People have experienced and touted the therapeutic value of Aloe Vera for centuries...millennia, even. 

But noone truly understood WHY aloe vera performed so well for total health.

So, in the 1980's, a team of scientists in Texas, backed by millions of dollars of research, committed to the task of discovering the hidden treasure within the aloe vera plant.

Their findings produced a greater understanding of the plant and how it is effectively used today.

Their Discovery?


And more specifically: Acemannan.

Scientists found, hidden within the inner leaf gel of the aloe vera plant, eight specific nutrients were doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of therapeutic value. They named the collection "glyconutrients". But among them was one specific nutrient which caught their attention: A sugar compound, a mannose called acemannan. 

Acemannan is a long-chain sugar that injects itself into all cell membranes, resulting in an increase in the fluidity and permeability of the cell, allowing toxins to leave and nutrients to enter in... 

It is a powerful immune-modulator; it neither elevates nor suppresses the immune system. It stabilizes it. 

One article described glyconutrients like telephone poles planted at the base of cells, transmitting important information throughout the body. Acemannan was described as a bridge that connected helper cells to injured cells, with the ability to remove toxins away from the cell as well, delivering toxins to macrophage cells for destruction.

It's all pretty amazing when you think about it.

The internal benefits resulting from acemannan use are many, and amazing as well. 

Why We Love Véritaloe:

We were introduced to acemannan a few years ago and fell in love with it immediately. We saw the benefits of use, both externally and internally, and were confident that we could formulate a meaningful product line with it.

We were given exclusive rights to a proprietary blend of acemannan that uses a unique extraction process that greatly elevates the concentration of bioactive acemannan fractions.

We call it Véritaloe. It stands for truth.

As a formulator and manufacturer of natural deodorants, we learned from our customers the trials and difficulties that come with natural deodorant use- rashes, allergies and sensitivities, yeast infections, painful cysts, and more.

We wanted to formulate a natural deodorant that promoted balance from within, instead of relying on external controls for odor defense in order to prevent those negative effects. Véritaloe was the secret weapon that we needed bring it all together.

We love what Veritaloe can do for the skin, which is why we chose to formulate with it in our en Harmonie Natural Roll-on Deodorant. Some of its benefits are:

• Reduces allergic reactions

• Accelerates skin regeneration 

• Reduces scaring

• Reduces inflammation

• Fights against Candida

• Fights bacteria and viruses topically

• Stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production

• Soothes irritated skin

Adds hydration to skin

• Promotes lymphatic detoxification

And those are just the external benefits! 

Try our en Harmonie Natural Roll-on Deodorant and see for yourself the power of Veritaloe!