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Welcome to the theater of Savvy Bohème!


At Savvy Bohème, we LOVE to create romance.

It is at the heart of everything we do (well, that, and presenting a line of authentic body care products that we can confidently share with others!). We hope that as you browse through our theater, you        experience all that we have to offer...and more...in the way of creativity, authenticity, and DRAMA.

Our end goal is to nourish, welcome, and inspire




We hope to transport you.

 But that's our END goal.


Let us share with you our METHOD of Approach...Stick with me here...it's a bit revolutionary.


We believe that true (authentic) skin care should be simple.

  • REAL ingredients transmit nicely to the brain that they can handle the task at hand.
  • RAW ingredients communicate even better- they still have all of their healing properties in tact, and are ready to work.
  • FAIR TRADE and ethically sourced ingredients help us sleep well at night, knowing that we haven't contributed to the harm of our global brother and sister farmers and ecosystem.  

Every time we get caught up in the latest in technological advances in skin care, and consider changing our approach, we receive an email or Facebook message like this one that reminds us to keep it REAL...It's MUCH more effective...and romantic that way! 

"I had not had a chance to even see myself in the mirror this morning, and once the kids laid down for naps this afternoon I tackled a second load of laundry and dishes. I got the mail, and ... Stop the world. A package of Savvy Boheme for me. You sent me way too much! I was sold on Anouk Whipped Shea Butter - now how will I decide??
I washed my face right there in the kitchen with my oil and hot washcloth, and smoothed on the Tall Americano Whipped Shea Butter and Blithe Bees-wax lip balm. I even made a French press for the occasion. Now it is time to stop and breathe."     ~Danielle Hannah

 We handcraft every product we make (with the exception of our LIQUID African Black Soap...but we're working on that one, too!), with YOUR needs, best efficacy, and ease of use in mind- we know that you are smart, conscientious, and BUSY- we wouldn't DREAM of wasting your time.

For that reason, we listen to you. We hear what you are looking for. And we try to cut out all of the work for you.

We research...I mean, DIG DEEP, to find the very most effective REAL ingredients for YOUR needs. And then we translate them into very simple, REAL products.

Most of our products can and should be used head to toe, with a few exceptions. (Our natural deodorants could be used all over, but that would just be weird ;) 

We call ourselves a Vegetarian brand. (We use milk, honey, and beeswax in a few of our products, but have Vegan alternatives for those if needed.) Read about it here.

We also pass on

  • Gluten
  • Phthalates (Fragrance)
  • Parabens
  • Dyes (Why's your lotion gotta be blue?!?)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral Oil/ Petroleum
  • GMOs
  • All other creepy ingredients

Most of our formulations are waterless, requiring no added preservative system. Only our Crèmes have wildcrafted aloe vera juice in them, which cause them to require a preservative system. For that, we use a very safe and effective combination of food-grade potassium sorbate and silver citrate, both of which are non-GMO.

Our baby line has all of your allergies in mind- no nuts, no gluten, no fragrance, no animal by-products. We've even passed on the beeswax for these guys...candelilla wax instead :)

And finally, we don't formulate for skin types, per se.

We've found that in general, all skin works like this. Almost all skin types have the same basic needs: to protect the acid mantle, to maintain cellular death and renewal, to add moisture, vitamins, and lipids, and prevent loss, to keep pH balanced, and to protect from free-radical damage.

We've also found that those needs can be met with just a few simple products, so we've combined them into two steps through our Facial Trivium. It's a truly simplistic skin care set that is LOADED with nutrients that work HARD to give you a beautiful complexion. In fact, see what The Glamorganic Goddess had to say about our Facial Trivium.

{Now I will say that there are a few of you WILD CARDS out there who break the mold in skin care protocol. If that's you, contact us, and we can specialize a treatment for you.}

And as such, we have chosen to keep things simple, and formulate with ingredients that have broad-spectrum efficacy. (I am a minimalist- the less complications, the better.) This way, the only major decision that you have to make is based on your scent preference.

And finally, we believe that "We Get to Carry Each Other".


We love being a part of something much bigger than ourselves, and take great pleasure in sending a portion of our proceeds to Family Legacy, a ministry for the orphans of Zambia.

As you journey with us, we invite you to share with us your stories, thoughts and ideas. We know that together, we can be successful at achieving all that our hearts can fathom.

I am carefully imagining what our future together could look like, and have complete confidence in knowing that ANYTHING is possible.




Keri Lehmann

Savvy Bohème Founder

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