Raven's Balm {Gentle-Aging Moisturizer}

Full:| 2.5 oz.


Raven's Balm is a lusty concentration of Shea Butter (read here to see why we LOVE our girl, Shea! ) and Evening Primrose, lightly scented with Lavender Essential oil, and  A hint of rice powder, and, well...that's all.  It was formulated for use as a facial moisturizer, especially for use with the African Black Soap. 

Very simple. Extremely beneficial. 

Noncomodogenic.  Clean. Mysteriously effective.

Directions: Apply sparingly to face or body after cleansing. Allow 1-2 minutes to fully absorb. Perfect for use under makeup-at first, it seems a bit too oily to apply your makeup directly on top, but the rice powder acts as a primer for the makeup! Try it...You'll see! This product is great as an under eye crème as well!

Ingredients: Unrefined, Organic, Fair Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Lavender Essential Oil, Non-GMO Rice Powder

Shipping Alert: We take every precaution to ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition. During Summer months, this product is temperature sensitive, and will arrive to you with a cool pack in thermal wrap. If the product goes from us directly to you, it almost always arrives intact. BUT, if the package sits on the porch or mailbox, in the heat, it will melt. If it melts, it is still fine, but will lose its whipped texture and look less full. If that happens, and you want to restore the texture a bit, email us, and we'll tell ya how. Meltable Items are nonrefundable, so take care and try to avoid leaving your sweet items in the heat.


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