Faith: The Head Chemist of the Mind (How to Get What You Want:Post III)


Ever heard of someone claiming that they have "Bad Luck", or that if anything could go wrong, it will go wrong...with them? The soup with the dead fly is always given to them; Their order is always wrong; Their line is always the longest... And then you look at their life, and think, "Yeah, I guess they're right. They DO always have bad things happen." Transversely, you have also met those people who seem to be gifted with great luck, or "The Midas Touch". They always find money. They always make the grade. They win all the contests. Similarly, you assume that they are, indeed, lucky. And then you wonder why the dice gets thrown one way or another for each person...It's GOT to be fate. The evidence is there. But as I observe these situations, and combine them with philosophies of people smarter than I...Me...I (see what I mean?), I have stumbled upon a personal epiphany: It's true what they say: Like attracts Like. And we are LIKE what we BELIEVE. Henry Ford said two really cool things: 1. When being interrogated and mocked by a court of lawyers as to his credibility as an expert in his field, he pulled a Bryan Mills (the "Taken" guy), Bad-A-You-Know-What, and took control of the questioning by saying something more awesome than this, but along these lines:

"I may not know who the General was during a particular battle, or who invented the whatever, but I have a row of red buttons on my desk, and when I push any of them, at any time, the right person comes to me and gives me what I want."

And then he jumped over the witness stand and punched them each in the throat...I think that's how it went...Or it should have... ;)

But that story wasn't the point here. This is: 2. He also said, "If you think you can or think you can't, you are right." When he knew something was possible, he wouldn't let up on those guys who responded to the red-button calls. They would say, "It is impossible", and he would say, "I'll have it." And guess what would happen? Yup. You've seen the V-8 engine? They said it was impossible. Last year, around March, I decided that my life wouldn't be complete until I renovated my 110-year old farmhouse...ALL of it. At once. With a very small budget and a husband and father who love to give me good gifts, the construction began. (I LOOOOOOVE THEM BOTH.) sexy-aaron I went on Craigslist and immediately found a kitchen HAUL- Custom ash cabinets, Silestone countertops, very cool sink and faucet, Kitchenaid convection oven/ microwave combo, gas cooktop, and custom island, all for $800. Here's what it looked like when I brought it all into the house:   As we (they) started putting the cabinets together to suit our kitchen arrangement, my dad came to me with discouraging news: either the curved base cabinet OR the trash compactor had to go-after many attempts, he found that both would not fit the space. But I wanted both. So I told him that Henry Ford said it could be done...Haulm2 Guess what happened? this33 (Guess what also happened?) this-2r And This: bar Also this: chalkboard   Ok- Now I'm bragging... But as my momma-in-law says, "if you take credit for the good, you gotta take credit for the bad"... So what you are NOT seeing in these pics is 9 months of this: chaos1 Utter, complete CHAOS of living in a house with 3 kids, a hub, a dog, and a stray cat that snuck in to have kittens (?!?!?!), for 9 months (and still counting) while walls are torn down, stairs are constructed, kitchen non-existent, and the dust...the dust and dirt...words can't express... (Ok, the kittens and destruction are gone now, but, you get the idea...) Some would look at my situation and say that I was so lucky that I got such a great deal on the kitchen upgrades, and that I was fortunate that my Dad and my hubs were willing to pay the sweat equity on the project. I am. It's true. So blessed. Others would say that I was out of my mind for embarking on a task this daunting without a hired crew and a plan to speed up the process exponentially. That's true, too. I lost my mind back in May. But I believe that we saw an opportunity, accepted our challenges, and pushed through the really, exceedingly trying obstacles, with not as much grace as I would have like to displayed, and a lot more humiliation and frustration than I care to experience, in order to receive the end prize. Here we are, almost a year later, almost finished...almost. And it's stunning. Welcoming. HOME. We were ignorant as to the TRUE cost of the entire project: time, money, living comforts, and most of all, sanity. But my dad...Thank GOD for him- he knew the real cost, yet he chose to help anyway. And he motivated us to see it through to the end. He knew that there's always pain before a child is born. There will ALWAYS be obstacles. Excuses. Reasons why not. But there are also ALWAYS possibilities. Solutions. Reasons why to. So, when you  are faced with the thought that you can't because you aren't lucky or blessed or able, remember: Like attracts like. Look past the obstacles to the prize. Choose to see the possibilities and limitations will yield to you. Choose success and success will choose you. It's all between your ears.   *Note*  when the project is fully complete, I can't WAIT to post the final pics of the finished project: Fully remodeled kitchen, dining, living, coffee/wine/juice bar/internet cafe ;), weird non-commital room connecting living and kitchen, hall, laundry, bathrooms (restored 100-year old clawfoot tub coming up!), parisian staircase, and kids' bedrooms! I KNEW we could do it! (oh, man! WHAT have we DONE?!?! ;)
Keri Lehmann
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