In a certain small town, there's a little park with barely any trees, and hardly many visitors who have only a tiny bit of options for playtime adventures. Some would scarcely even call it a park; One might say it's more a field, or an unconstructed lot. But there exists a few clever children with great imaginations, whose minds can envisage the fascinations of nature, and drift themselves into wanderlust, even in such a vacant territory. One day, in a minuscule plot of terrain, as the children were playing, one spied among the sparse trees something intriguing. tree-distant    

A hint of evergreen in an otherwise grey timber...a mystery, for certain, and one that must be investigated. Another step closer presented all the more enchantment... closer

A threshhold to solace, an evergreen sprig garnishing the welcome. It had to be placed there by design- an ornament of decoration and invitation has a special purpose in any situation. But who's intentions were laid by this gesture? The children HAD to know... closer-still  

It was, indeed, an abode, as cozy and lovely as could be. But were there any residents inside? Using a small measure of courage, one child tilted his head sideways, stepped a bit closer, trying not to disturb or be disturbed (a giant eye causes disruption to any critter's daily flow, and a peck in the nose or swat on the cheek is always unpleasant for a child!). Darkness prevented inspection within the cove, and the child knew immediately that only light could resolve this mystery. The children pondered together what might illuminate the view. Suddenly, as all clever children do, they thought of a solution. Each agreed to search for a reflective surface among the remnants of discard left by past visitors of the park. In the shallow creek bed, a child found a broken shard of a mirror- another mystery for a different adventure; in the meantime, the child triumphantly presented it to her friends, confident that it's reflection could be useful in the task at hand. The tallest of the children stood erect, arm lowered to the waist, mirror in hand, and maneuvered the piece until the sun's rays were refracted into the perfect position, illuminating the cove. The children gasped in awe of the interior design of the domain. inside

Who would have imagined a tree so warm and inviting? Walls washed of cherry and ash, brushed and knotted, censored the chill of the October air; An abode undoubtedly, it even had a bed of pine waiting to comfort its guest in every way. In addition to the absolutely congenial ambiance presented through the threshhold, there existed a window, high above the entrance, possibly to present to the inhabitant a different perspective of its personal world.


The simplicity and wholeness of the residence bode well with the children. One clever child stood in remembrance of the bedtime stories told by his own parents of how God cares for the birds in the air and the lilies of the field, and yet so much more for us all.

With his eyes gazing into the threshold of God's provision for His creation, He knew that his parents' words were trustworthy, and that he was loved even more than that.

In that certain small town, in that little park with barely any trees, and hardly many visitors who have only a tiny bit of options for playtime adventures, a few clever children went home that afternoon completely confident of their places in the world, and thankful to God that His eye is on the sparrow.
Keri Lehmann
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