Savvy Bohème is Going Global!

Savvy Bohème is going global...or rather what seems global- we are headed ALL THE WAY OUT to Canton, Texas, to First Monday Trade Days, March 3-6, 2011, in attempt to share our beauty secrets with the world.  We will be selling our usual 6 scents of the Raw Sugar Scrubs, 6 scents of the Whipped Shea Butters, the Whipped Cocoa Butter, AND I am debuting a new scent during the Trade Days weekend experience as's a secret. Ya gotta go to find out- or wait till I get back and post it...or , if you absolutely can't sleep at night until you know the latest Savvy Bohème scent, you can come over and help me make it. ; )  I am swimming in organic evoo over here!  We are working feverishly to get ready for Savvy Bohème's Prom weekend.  We want her first dance to be perfect- just the right dress,  shoes that fit well AND are stylish, accessories gifted from ancestors past, a courtier who appreciates her beauty...metaphorically speaking,  of course.  We hope that our dear, Savvy Bohème, is well accepted and loved for her natural allure, and that her work will become renowned among even the strictest of critics. To that end, I have put together a checklist of items and/or actions that will accompany our journey to the east.  You were asking yourself, "I wonder what are they gonna take with them?", right?  I thought so.  This list is for you:

  • Savvy Bohème products (don't forget the products...don't forget the products...)
  • Laptop (in case we need to google something- you never know...)
  • Gazebo (Yes, we will be indoor with a/c, and Yes we are still taking a gazebo.  Come and see why...)
  • Nightstands with lamps
  • Ice Chests with dry ice (not for halloween or awesome concert effects, although that sounds like a really fun idea- Aaron, in spandex, being lowered down from the rafters, surrounded in smoke, playing the air guitar...hmm... I'll get back to you on that one)
  • Cash register (don't forget the change...don't forget the change)
  • Large Banner that doesn't have the words, "Savvy Bohème: for even the toughest foot plankton" on it- we nixed that idea.
  • Awesome boots that I got for my bday.  I think they might be meant as rain boots. I don't care.  They are almost as cool as my purple suede Edie Brickell-inspired boots from the late '80's.  I wore them with everything.  EVERYTHING.
  • Help.  Anyone want to spend an hour or fifty playing cashier while I run my mouth about the wonders of Our Shea? For real. Call me.
  • Britney Spears lapel mic and speaker.  Maybe Aaron can autotune my vocals so I can sound like Kesha as I do demos.
  • Le Croix sparkling water, celery and salsa, chocolate. And Starbucks via. With skim milk.
Now, then.  I feel very prepared.  Hope to see you out there! I am in the Canton Marketplace building, booth # 18, just behind the awesomeness that is my cousin Christi Burns' shop, "OMG! It'sBling" (bring in anything and she'll bling it- your cell phone, your flip flops, your husband...) But come see me after that! With great Expectations... Keri
Keri Lehmann
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