Cloak {Natural Insect Repellent}

Full:| 4 oz.


Sleep under the Stars. Walk along the Wildflowers. 

Dreaming under the stars just got better:

With Cloak Insect Repellent, flies, ticks, and mosquitoes won't even know you are near. Plant-based oils and organic witch hazel weave together into a cloak of protection, masking your natural scent as well as your carbon dioxide output, making you virtually invisible to biters.

Simply put: they'll think you're a plant.

But WE know that you're not, so we scented Cloak with a romantic, but effective blend of essential oils, so that not only are you invisible to insects, you'll smell lovely to the humans ;)

Think: clove, vanilla, and ylang ylang...

So go on...Sleep under the stars. Walk along the Wildflowers. Find a fox to tame. (Or be tamed yourself.) It will be as if the sun has come to shine in your life.

100% Natural. Deet Free. Effective protection.


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