The NEW Savvy Bohème

I'm Keri Lehmann.
I'm the Founder and Formulator of Savvy Bohème.
I launched Savvy Bohème in 2011 with two products: a raw sugar scrub and whipped shea butter, with ZERO knowledge of how to create a product or run a business.
I had to learn everything the hard way: blood, sweat, tears, Google, and a TON of prayers.
Through the years, I connected with hundreds of women (and a few men, too!) to learn what it was that they TRULY wanted and needed in a skin care product.
I responded by formulating over 27 unique products, based on all that I had learned about the POWER of REAL, RAW plant and mineral based ingredients.
And they LOVED them all!
But the more I got to know my audience, the more I realized a very important truth about them:
They weren't messing around.
They had stuff to do and lives to live, and weren't interested in a lifetime saga of reading cosmetic labels, researching ingredients, following the science of beauty...finding the perfect products. 
And they CERTAINLY weren't trying to have 18 steps in their skincare routine.
They wanted to find ONE brand to use, with as few steps as possible, trust that the brand operated with integrity, responsibility, and a produced a great product line, and get on with life.
That's it.
And so, with every formulation, every product, every line, my commitment is to over-deliver on every product I present. 
As such, I took several of my previous formulations, and combined their assets into 5 main products. 
  • I took the most powerful ingredients from the 11 varieties of the Raw Sugar Scrub that you once knew, and condensed them into ONE outstanding facial exfoliant: Bisous Pour Tous Facial Exfoliant
  • The Help Therapeutic Balm & The Raven's Balm were combined, with extra OOMPH from low-melt shea butter (contains ALL the healing fractions as before, with NONE of the crystallization issues!). It's a softer, longer-lasting, more concentrated formulation.
  • Gravitas has added GOLD mica, giving skin a golden, hydrated, healthy glow.
  • African Black Soap has MORE ash, more clay, MORE detoxifying capabilities, in a LARGER BAR.
  • En Harmonie has an added SECRET WEAPON against odor and underarm irritation! It can even be used on skin rashes and poison ivy!!

As we grow, we will continue to reintroduce the former popular formulations, with full confidence in knowing they will be better, more efficient, and more powerful than before...and we'll make sure it's EXACTLY what you need!

Because you are: 

Natural, simple, beautiful, free to BE, smart, industrious, honoring the time. 

The Savvy Bohemian knows: 
Her life IS the Beautiful Era.