Cherry and Almond-Blithe Bees-wax Lip Balm

Blithe Bees-wax Lip Balms have a reason to smile: they’re made with the wax from the carefree bees in the piney woods of East Texas. Those bees have a great life, ya know- plenty of shady places to hang out, lots of wild flowers to do their thang in, iced tea with honey during the day, camp songs around the bonfire at night…it’s like a lifelong retreat, I tell ya! And inspite of all the perks of their job, they manage to get a lot of productivity done in a day-and are gracious to share the fruits of their labor with us!

Blithe Bees-wax Lip Balms are made with raw waxes, butters, and botanical oils, making it absolutely natural, positively moisturizing, definitely free-radical fighting, and totally yummy. Your lips will smile blithely.

Authentic moisturization. Again. Of course.

 *Caution: made with beeswax. and coconut oil.

Ingredients: Raw Candelilla Wax, Raw, Pesticide-free Beeswax; Raw, Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil; Raw, Organic, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Essential Oils of Natural (NON-GMO) Cherry and Almond Flavored Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Shipping Alert: We take every precaution to ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition. During Summer months, this product is temperature sensitive, and will arrive to you with a cool pack in thermal wrap. If the product goes from us directly to you, it almost always arrives intact. BUT, if the package sits on the porch or mailbox, in the heat, it will melt. If it melts, it is still fine. Just not as pretty. Meltable Items are nonrefundable, so take care and try to avoid leaving your sweet items in the heat.

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