UNLABELED Bath & Body Oil


If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then this oil will take you to heaven. 

Made with exceptionally nourishing oils and scented with true essential oils, your bathing experience will be as ”just” as they come.  For use directly on the skin as an all-over body moisturizer, shaving oil, or (gasp!) a facial cleanser, the Savvy Bohème Bath and Body Oil is a light yet rich alternative to a cream or liquid moisturizer.  Created especially for those who prefer a weightless moisture veil, the oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth and ready for the day!

 Directions: For bath: Pump under running water, allowing oil to disperse throughout the bath water. Relax. For body: After shower or bath, apply directly to wet skin. Let oils absorb into skin for a moment. Rinse for a gentle matte moisture, or just towel dry for that shiny, sexy supermodel- smooth legs look. Move on with your day. For oil-cleansing method: Wet washcloth with very warm water; apply cloth to face and gently massage, allowing skin to soften. Pump oil into palm and massage onto face, concentrating on problematic areas. (This action causes the oils on the skin to soften and release dead skin cells from surface, while unclogging pores. It’s actually very therapeutic for the skin, and won’t cause breakouts, contrary to what we have been taught by the cosmetic community over the past few decades. For hardcore- oil cleansing method: try using Bohemian Black Soap lather mixed with the oil in the steps above…oh, yeah…it’s pretty legit.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Essential Oils , Vitamin E Oil.

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