Tall Americano Creme {For Face and Body}

 Tall Americano Creme {Coffee, Sweet Orange, and Vanilla}  8oz

At the heart of Savvy Boheme is Romance. To be able have a colorful life, to experience (even in its slightest measure) offerings of the beauty and mystery and knowledge and artistic expression of our world is the pulse of what we are attempting to accomplish.

And with those endeavors in mind, we are buzzing with excitement (and it's NOT just the coffee!) to present to you, our VERY FAVORITE product:

Tall Americano Creme {For Face and Body} - a beautiful partnership of our unrefined shea butter, aloe vera juice, and plant-based oils, and scented naturally, of course, with essential oils, but with an added shot of espresso and sweet orange to finish off the coffeehouse experience, and take the inspirations that it conjured with you throughout the day...


- Unrefined Meadowfoam Oil-excellent in forming - moisture barrier on skin, preventing moisture loss; also great in reducing the signs of aging
- Unrefined Shea Butter- do - have to reiterate the immeasurable benefits of my lovely girl, Shea? She does it all.
- Wild crafted Aloe Vera Juice- great clarifying agent- leaves skin tight and refreshed

No DEA, No TEA, No synthetic fragrances, No silicones, No mineral oils, No artificial preservatives, No, Nope, Not at all... Just REAL ingredients, the Savvy Boheme way.

Caution: contains silver dihydrogen citrate. Avoid use if you have silver allergies.

*Allergen Alert: Contains shea butter and aloe vera juice.

Directions for use: Apply directly to face and body. Best applied to damp skin.

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