The Skincare Foundry and Showroom

In 2011, when Savvy Boheme launched, we had a vision in the back of our minds of how we could truly connect with our audience. We wanted a space where we not only manufacture our products, but could welcome our customers and share our products in person as well. It’s one of our greatest pleasures, to get to meet those who love what we are doing, and who are responsible for our growth.

After four (4) FOUR  years of working, building, growing a business, employees and all, in a 200-ish square foot manufacturing room on the side of the Founder’s house, and several rooms within for office space, we reached the point where we HAD to choose: either we move, or shut it all down.

We could NOT remain.

The Skincare Showroom and Foundry

The Foundry is not only the fruit of those years of trial, but also the birthplace of a much larger vision for Savvy Bohème. We are certain that this space will bring the nourishment and foundation that we’ve needed to take our brand to stratospheric levels. We’re feelin’ it already!

What Happens here?

We make great use of our space at the Foundry- not only do we use it for production, distribution, and sales, but we also use it for PARTIES!!

We host regular events here- from business networking mixers to spa days for local women’s ministries, and most excitingly, our own Savvy Bohème Affairs, we get to combine our favorite aspects of running a business:  sharing, inspiring and connecting with YOU!

Check out our Foundry Calendar for current events, and if you happen to be in the Dallas area, pop in and say HI to us! We would LOVE to meet you!

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