The Savvy Story

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The Savvy Bohème concept began in the mind of Keri Lehmann, a cosmetologist who made her own sugar scrubs for use during services, in 1994, out of necessity.

Most of the skin exfoliants and moisturizing products available for professional use were made from petroleum and artificial abrasives – some even smelled like plastic! She knew that those types of products were useless in the way of body care, but had no understanding of how they affected the hormones, and in turn, a person’s overall health. She continued working in the salon industry for another 15 years, and continued to make (and give away) the hand-made products that she was using regularly on her clients. But then, in 2009, she began studying the use of parabens and phthalates in skin care products, and how they act as hormone disruptors- the body actually recognizes them as estrogen, and perilously converts them as such.

It was this understanding that caused her to look for even more significant alternatives to the traditional moisturizers and scrubs. She found and developed a huge crush on the amazing Shea nut, began whipping Shea butter into moisturizers, and at the insistence of mom and clients, decided to share her products with the world.

After a year of considerable thinking, reading, praying, and working, (in that order ; ) we are proud to announce, the company, “Savvy Bohème” was born, suitably named for its inherent acumen for delivering Authentic nutrition and nourishment to the skin, as well as infusing a bit of romance and magic into your daily groove.

“Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it’s not a matter of finding an idea, but allowing the idea to find you.” ~Maya Lin savvy

Savvy Intent

It is our goal to present a line of body care products that surprise by exceeding the usual expectations of body hydration, and to educate our "practitioners" on the value of using authentic ingredients as opposed to chemically modified ingredients that cause your body to say, "uhh... what do I do with that?". We also desire to give people the opportunity to participate in making others' lives better through the use of Fair-Trade products and through Savvy Boheme's commitment to donating a portion of the sale of all products to Family Legacy,  whose goal is to foster a dynamic and growing relationship between the families of America and the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia. 
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