Meet the Team

What?!? You think this business just runs itself? Until the Autobots take over, this is what we are working with (PLUS, they are MUCH cuter than formed metal- smell nicer, too!).

Introducing the Savvy Bohème Team:

Christian Wilson - Graphics Design and Marketing Manager

Christian has been with us from the day we launched. She is a graduate of North Wood University, with a degree in Business Administration. She is the talent who designed our logo and all of our labels, marketing materials, and online marketing tools, as well as THIS very website. She is also the force that is currently keeping my brain from imploding- she completes me...or distracts me...whichever the case may be ;) Christian can, and has, performed every task that exists within this company, and isn't afraid to get in and Get it DONE. She's a WORK HOSS. You wish you had her on your team.

Tracy Kennedy- Sales and Catering

tracy cheers Harder, Faster, Better. NOW. That's how Tracy works. It's how she plays, too. She can organize literally anything or anyone, and make you laugh while she's doing it. Tracy is the force behind our sales, but is also the one who delivers Delicious Delectables to all of our Savvy Boheme events (and probably a bunch of your events, too!) with her catering company, YumYums Catering. Check 'em out! You won't find a better fettuccine alfredo!

Donna Wilson - The Great OZ

You know that person who's not really in charge, but is really in charge? That's Donna. She's our adviser -she knows how to solve the problem. The right way. When not advising on thermal dynamics, good manufacturing practices, or Saving the Day, she is at home, cooking enough food for all of Cedar Hill and half of the rest of the metroplex. Just be sure to show up on time- her tolerance for serving cold food is nil.

Aaron Lehmann -  CFO/ Personal DJ/ Barista

Aaron is the man behind the numbers: he can tell a digit how to multiply like nobody I know. He likes to hook us up in the coffee and music department, too! He also happens to be my husband. I like him a lot.

mia and meAnd then there's me. But you already know my story.
We have a great team, and look forward to serving, entertaining, educating, and connecting with YOU. :)

Welcome to the Most Authentic Moisturizing Event of Your Day.

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