We heard the Lord say, consistently from the beginning, that NO MAN (or woman) would be able to say that they built Savvy Boheme- all glory goes to Him. And from the beginning, it has been true, despite our efforts to build in our own strength. During the rebirth process, Keri heard Him say again, "No man will say that he built Savvy Boheme." Keri nodded her head and agreed...and then He said to her, "That means YOU, either." And so, to give all credit where credit is due, and after years of wrestling for control, we've finally conceded: This is the Lord's Company. We are His stewards. We go where He leads- He is the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

There have been MANY hands that have helped drive Savvy Boheme to our Vision- we are so grateful for them all, and couldn't even begin to name them all...they are our WHY, and they are still here with us.

But as for the core crew, the stewards of Savvy Boheme have been the same from the beginning, in 2011:

Donna Wilson- Investor, Cheerleader, Full-time Hands to the Task, whatever is needed. Wisest person you'll ever meet.

Christian Wilson- Graphics Design, Marketing/Advertising and Social Media, Stamina of Steel.

Keri Lehmann- Founder, Formulator, (mostly) Fearless Leader.

Aaron Lehmann- Financial/ Business Analyst, Test Market Director, The Calm in the Storm.

Thank you, our faithful friends who've taken this journey with us this far- hasn't it been fun?!

Welcome to all you who are just joining us! We invite you to connect with us and share your thoughts and hearts- we want to take YOU with us!





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