Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions:

  1. How long is the shelf life of my shea butter?  Raw shea butter, upon creation, has a shelf life of about 2 years. We at Savvy Bohème whip the shea butter with various natural oils for added nourishment and textural control. A natural product is only as stable as its weakest ingredient, and oils like sweet almond and olive oil, as beneficial as they are, are less stable than shea butter. So, when we whip a shea product with the oils, we recommend the buyer use the product fully within 3 months.  Noone has ever complained that they couldn’t use their portion quickly enough, though! 


  1. My shea butter melted. What do I do? Shea Butter melts right around 80 degrees. If you leave your shea in your purse, which you left in the car, it’s probably gonna melt, depending on the temps for that day. If it has melted, take it to the fridge, stick it on the shelf, and walk away for a bit (20  min.). It will reharden, but it will have lost its whipped texture. It will retain all of its therapeutic properties as long as it hasn’t been zapped with direct sunlight. Sunlight will kill it, though. 
  2. I can’t use products that have oil because they break my face out. Do you have any oil-free products?Yes, you can, and no we don’t. Here’s why to both: 


  1. Do you have a natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant? Why, yes, we do! Sort of…There is not a natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant, per se- all antiperspirants require aluminum to shink sweat glands (actually, they swell shut, but let’s not get too techy here…), but unfortunately, aluminum in antiperspirants has been linked to alzheimer’s and suspect in cancer. Soooo, we researched our natural solutions and discovered that sage oil is used to treat menopausal night sweats in women (similar affect to the sweat glands that aluminum causes, minus the alzeheimer’s and cancer). And then we put two and two together, and, voila: a natural deodorant with a measure of antiperspirant abilities. Check it out here: Allons-Y! Natural (For Real) Deodorant. NOTE: this product is not for pregnant or nursing mommas…
  2. Yeah, but your “precious” Allons-Y deodorant leaves dark spots on my white tank tops. What’s up with that, dude?  We know…it’s a combination of the candelilla wax that we use to stiffen the texture and the protein-and fatty sweat coming from your pits…I’m not saying that YOU are fat…just your sweat…Anywho, luckily, the stains are easily removable. Check out this recipe for how to remove them DIY style…or watch this video we made on the matter (for people who hate reading words). Also, applying the deodorant a few minutes before you get dressed will help your body absorb the product more so that it doesn’t bleed onto clothing.
  3. Your deodorant makes my skin red and rashy. What gives? We use baking soda (the cruelty-free kind) as a very effective odor neutralizer. In most people (most being about 90%), it works great. But for some, and based on your body’s natural chemistry (lots of hormones in action here), the baking soda can upset the pH balance of your skin, making it too alkaline. When that happens, the first sign is a red rash. If it is truly off -balanced, it will become itchy- that’s the next sign of a pH imbalance. The third, and certain sign of an imbalance is a yeast infection in the pits. Don’t let it get that far- if your pits start itching, ya need to switch to our Allons-y! Sensitive Formula. If you did let it get that far, treat it just as you would any yeast infection: acidophilus (REAL yogurt directly to the skin) or a few swipes of apple cider vinegar/water dilution on a cotton ball, several times daily, or see your doc for antibiotics, whichever way you roll.. Ps…I’m not a doctor. This is not medical advice.

Also, check out our post on how to make the switch to natural deodorants, it does sometimes require a bit of finesse…But You can do it! It’s SOOO worth it!

Shipping Questions:

  1. Do you ship outside the US? Not yet.
  2. How long will it take for my order to reach me? It depends: we ship out daily using USPS Priority Mail (unless you’ve only ordered African Black Soap or lip balms- then we ship first class- they weigh much less). We almost never hold an order longer than two days. If you live in Texas, you will almost always get your package the day after we ship. Everyone else almost always gets it on the third day. You will receive tracking as soon as we print the shipping label, so it is always awesome if you watch your package and have someone receive it when it arrives, ensuring that your products don’t sit outside in a hot mailbox or porch.
  3. How much does shipping cost? Shipping is set by the USPS (that’s who we ship through), and is measured by weight.  Here’s a good indication of your cost:

less than 3 pounds- $5 to $10, depending on location- closer to Dallas, cheaper the cost.

3 pounds to about 5 pounds: $10-$13

Note* these costs are typical of Savvy Bohème orders, based on size and weight of our products. The average order is between $5 and $8. And we cover shipping on orders over $49


  1. Can you expedite my order? Sure….maybe… if you have an order that you want sent immediately, You can call us 214.518.9386  (leave a message if we don’t answer immediately, or email us at and we will put a rush on your order if we have all the products ready to go. If you want it shipped overnight, then select that option when you are placing your online order.
  2. How can I prevent my order from melting? Good Question. We really only have to worry about this issue when the temps get above 80 degrees, but it’s always on our minds over here. In warmer temps, we ship any meltable  product with a cool pack and thermal wrapping. Historically, the product will hold if the package goes from point A (us) to point B (you) without sitting in your mailbox or your porch, cooking in the heat. SO, on your end, if the weather is warmer, and you won’t be home when the mail arrives, maybe you could ship the package to your office or alert a neighbor or something. If it goes from the mail truck to your desk in the house, it will almost always arrive in tact. Almost.


Return Policy:

If you are unsatisfied with your Savvy Bohème products, we are happy to work with you to resolve any issue you may have.

If a return or exchange is required, we will need the original product returned to us for quality control purposes. We will cover the return shipping if we caused an error (shipped wrong product, defective product, etc…). You will be responsible for return shipping if the problem is beyond our control (allergies, sensitivities, you don’t like it, etc…).

We do not give returns or exchanges for melted product. Please be aware of that when ordering any of our temperature-sensitive products in warm months. Check out our page on how to revive your meltables here. (Know that it won’t look the same however- but will still work perfectly well.)

Please send all returns to 2108 North Highway 67 Midlothian, Texas 76065.

As soon as we receive tracking for your return, or the package itself, we will exchange or refund your product.


-Deodorants: To save yourself some time and irritation (literally), if you are unsure as to whether you are sensitive to baking soda or not, check out our  trial set of the Phase I and Phase II for you to sort out the difference.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. Same goes for the products.


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