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One of the purposes (and benefits) of entrepreneurship is that you get to choose what to do with the profits. This is what we have chosen to do with part of ours: This is Kathryn. She is the Superintendent of the Faith Christian Academy at the Tree of Life Village in Zambia. She's also THAT Kathryn. She lives among the children of Zambia, and gets to nourish and inspire their bodies, minds, and spirits! I'll never forget the time she and I were visiting during one of her trips home. We were talking about a typical school day in the life of the kids, and I asked her what they ate for lunch during their lunch breaks.

She sadly replied, "oh- they don't get to eat. Unless they have mielie meal", (which is like a type of porridge),"But usually, they just play outside during break."

"But usually, they just play outside during break."   

That same day, coincidentally, my 9 year old forgot her lunchbox at home, and I was rearranging my schedule to get it up to her before lunchtime- the idea of her NOT having lunch during school was unthinkable.

The idea of her NEVER having lunch during school would be unacceptable.

But for those kids, it was a way of life.

Since our conversation last year, Kathryn's school has been able to set up a food program for the kids. They depend on the financial donations of others to make it happen. I LOVE that we all get to help make things like that happen.

Through our customers’ constant support, we’ve been able to pay the tuition for THREE children to attend Faith Christian Academy. We receive letters and pictures of our children, and get to be a part of the changing of a generation.  

Thank you for your support of Savvy Bohème, and for your support of Family Legacy.


We get to carry each other.

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