Check Your Labels.

One of the MAIN ENDEAVORS of Savvy Bohème is to educate it’s users on the REASON WHY we use the ingredients that we do. It isn’t because we have a thing against Chemistry , or that we are ashamed that we can’t pronounce a word like, “Cocamide Diethanolamine“, which we can’t.

It is because we believe that your body is SUPER SMART and desperately wants to please you by absorbing anything that you tell it to.  But when you tell it to absorb something that didn’t come from the dirt and cannot be recognized, it decides to take matters into it’s own hands…and that’s when the body gets into trouble. For example: You know that lotion that you bought from your favorite lotion store? 

The one that smells like a moonlight stroll on the beach?


When you indulge your skin with the luxurious scent of the Mediterranean, your body wants to feel the sand and smell the sea and absorb the mineral spray of the tides...only, none of that really exists in the product that you just used, and you have really confused your brain. 

A chemical, known as a Phthlate was used as a fragrance to mimic the whole beach- at- night experience, and so your body (in wanting to please you) absorbs the Phthlates, and reaps havoc on itself, even to the next generation. (Check out this site to see what phthalates are suspected of doing to our male babies…)

The same scenario occurs with most of the synthetically created ingredients that are presented to you through your beauty regime: Parabens, the most widely- used preservatives in America (other nations are wising up and banning them) act as hormone disruptors, mimicing estrogen in the body, and are showing up in breast cancer tissue.  They are found in EVERYTHINGCheck your labels.  It looks something like this: Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Heptylparaben, and a slew of synonyms that look like the roots of these words with a bunch of extra X, Y, and Zs and dashes added to them. Sulfates- These are detergents added to your products for the purpose of cleaning…and making things all foamy and bubbly;

they are surfactants- they make oil and water like each other.  They are also the culprit for causing skin irritations at best and containing carcinogens at worst.

The FDA recommends manufacturers to remove the carcinogenic (cancer-causing) factor of sulfates (1, 4-Dioxane), but it is not required by law…so guess what YOU get?…. Sulfates look like this: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, and again, a bunch of other “eths and ates”…This is where our buddy, “cocamide diaethlkjlhjfcklghsdc-whatever” lives. 

Check Your Labels.

Petroleum- a popular base in skin care formulations, Petroleum (or paraffin) is used as a moisture barrier and carrier of other valuable oils, such as Avocado oil, Argan oil, and the like…the only problem is that it is such an effective moisture barrier that it disrupts moisture in the air from hydrating your body and toxins in your body to sweat out from your pores.It has no nutritional value to your skin, and is also classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.  It is almost always the number 2 ingredient in your products (next to water).  The yummy ingredients usually hang out near the bottom of the list in these types of products, next to the several versions of Propylene Glycol and silicone.  Bummer.


And finally, there are the Dyes. If we MUST have our goodies displayed in a bouquet of color, why can’t we use plant infusions?  Synthetic dyes are linked to hyperactivity in children and cancer in animals.  The Europeans have taken measures to all but end the use of synthetic dyes in products. Also, have you SEEN your teeth after eating that purple-dyed frosting? ;) Check out the difference in these two items, one sold in America, and the other in the UK.  Note the type of dyes used for each product.  Which one would you want to ingest?


An interesting note to each of these chemicals is that in each case, it is recommended by health care professionals that children not be exposed to them at an early age, due to their immature abilities to metabolize  chemicals.  But it’s ok for later, as your body builds a tolerance for fake junk?!?!   ; )

SO, Here’s the Deal: Just because a product claims to be “ALL NATURAL” doesn’t mean that it is.  The guidelines for labeling aren’t very strict and can be quite vague.  Educate yourself on the ingredients that you put ON and IN your body, understanding that the body REALLY wants to do the right thing, and will attempt to process whatever you present it with, good or bad, and with corresponding results, good or bad.


Check our labels. 

Get Savvy.

Savvy Bohème is committed to using REAL ingredients that your body recognizes and metabolizes healthfully, and never has to ask itself, “what the?!?!” No parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates, no petroleum, no dyes, no fragrances, No, Nope, Never…

Check our labelsGet Savvy.

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