You Need to CUT that Coconut Oil.

So...have you tried coconut oil on your face yet?

Are you moisturizing your entire body with it? Swishing it around in your mouth 20 minutes a day? Remineralizing your teeth with it? Adding it to your Bullet Proof Coffee? Smoothing it onto your hair? Using it for Sunscreen? Killing lice with it? Treating Diaper Rash? Deodorizing your pits? Preventing Alzeheimer's? Treating yeast infections? Replacing WD40? Frying donuts? Shaving? Making it your Bridesmaid?


It's true: All of these things are potentially awesome uses for coconut oil...well...maybe minus the bridesmaid part...I'm not ruling it out, though.

Coconut Oil (REAL, RAW) is truly an amazing lipid.

There are deep mysteries, and several quantifiable reasons WHY coconut oil is La Huile du JOUR. 

And I am sure that you have read them all.

But as a formulator, I want to equip you with only ONE piece of information to keep in mind as you decide to use coconut oil specifically for your skin:

Cut IT.

I don't mean cut it OUT.

I just mean cut it: with a less astringent oil.

Coconut oil is VERY astringent- that means that it temporarily constricts tissue, making it feel dry and tight. This is beneficial for oily skin, but not at all for dry or combination skin. And in its concentrated form, its sometimes even too astringent for oily skin.

Have you noticed when you use it, that your skin feels dry like paper? That's whats going on there.

Drying your skin out too much also leads to acne and flaky skin (and wrinkles!).

(In case you haven't heard my spiel on the Stratum Corneum: Your face is like a brick wall that holds moisture in the deeper layers. The bricks are layers of skin cells and the mortar is your body's natural oil (sebum). Regular removal of the top several layers of brick and mortar is necessary- it's part of healthy cellular turnover. But too much at once and you get a breech in the protective wall, making your face vulnerable to free radical damage, rapid aging, flaking skin and acne. Here's our solution for this issue.)

So: if you're using coconut oil in your skin care regime, do yourself a favor and grab your bottle of olive oil (or sunflower oil or argan or sweet almond), and use this ratio:

5:1 (non-astringent oil to coconut oil)

If you are extra oily, you could do 4:1. But I'd stop there. Unless you already have it worked out and you love it. But only if you already have it worked out and you love it.

OR, you could just grab our coconut-based products and call it a day.

We got it sorted out for ya.






Keri Lehmann
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