America: Land of Scrappers {and Opportunity}

I love America

It is, indeed, the Land of Opportunity.  When I began contemplating this business venture,

the thought of impossibilities never crossed my mind.


I knew with confidence that if I decided to go forward in marketing the products that I had been creating, that anything was possible.

I never set my mind against one thing or another, understanding that even best-laid plans needed to be fluid in order to continuously flow.

Sometime in 2009, after spending a couple of years listening to Dave Ramsey tell me (and whomever else would listen) how to gain financial freedom,  I started hankering for some of the business acumen that he so often counseled others with. Up to that point, just the mention of the word "business" made my eyes glaze over and my head nod-

I really thought that business was for people NOT like me- people who had MBAs, whose cars were always clean, who took their sheets and undies to the dry cleaners.... Running a business sounded like a whole lot of NOT FUN And I like a lot of FUN...or at least a little of it, all the time.

But Dave mentioned specific books on his show, and I started reading them.  The first recommended book,  48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller, was so inspirational and PRACTICAL; my hubs read it, and I think I saw tears in his eyes.

I picked up another, The Millionaire Woman Next Door, then another, How to Win Friends and Influence People,  and Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and on and on, until I realized that my mind had, at some point, shifted, and that I knew that I could participate in something much larger than I am, with creativity and FUN, and with the aid of a good plan and great support, especially in America.

And so the business plans were set in motion.

Rewind to 1987.  I was in eighth grade, ruminating my future.  I made an appointment to visit my school counselor, Mrs. Hudson, to discuss my career as an actress and wife to Kirk Cameron. I laid out my plans to her, with great sincerity:

I intended to go to UCLA to study acting ( I guess), drive to San Fernando Valley promptly upon arrival, to Kirk's home (I would know which house was his because I would see his white Honda Prelude sitting out in front). 

He was going to open the door, see me in my post-pubescent glory, and know, with all that he knew, that I was his bride. 

That was the sum of my plans

In hindsight, I think the whole UCLA part was incidental...  Anywho (this is the point of my story), my sweet, exceptionally fashionable, and VERY magnanimous counselor advised that I needed to wait until my senior year to apply for UCLA, and that Kirk Cameron would be VERY lucky to have me as a wife... and that the timing would be perfect because we would both be more mature in 4 years.  


That day, it was settled.  It was official:

I could do anything my fanciful little mind could fathom.

Fast forward to 2001.  I was working for a college, in the Student Programs department. 

A group of us were sent with selected student leaders to Washington D.C. on a leadership excursion. The trip was executed very well- the director made certain that we experienced the core of the ideas and principle that our Great Nation was founded upon.

We went to the Smithsonian exhibits, the Holocaust Museum,  The National Cathedral, the Mall (those AMAZING and deeply moving monuments and memorials!), the Arlington Cemetary, and to the Iwo Jima memorial...and so much more... Each day, at the end of the day, we sat together and processed all that we had seen.  It was sincerely the most inspirational trip of my life- I was humbled and overwhelmed at the cost of freedom- my freedom, and so grateful for the bravery of my fellow countrymen who paid (still pay) the price for me.

I also realized during that time that America was founded by a bunch of scrappers- some educated, some not as much, who knew how to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, who could present themselves as genteel at the appropriate occasion, but weren't afraid to pick a fight when a fight needed picked.


They lived by principle, and most died by principle.

I think that spirit still exists in us today, and it gives me encouragement and honor to be a part of that lineage.

I think that every life experience changes us in measures dependent upon our attitude of its impact, some in small measures, bit by bit, and others in dramatic measures, that are immediately noticeable to onlookers. Each change is nonetheless important, making us into the persons that we are, and guiding us into the persons that we choose to become.

I know, looking back on my life, that so many of my life experiences have given me the confidence to forge ahead, seeking the promise of Hope for a Future,  while others have caused pause in my spirit, as if to say, "that ain't gonna work, prissy pants...don't even try it."

But among the do's and don't lie the adventure of life, and I am living it in America, The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave...

So I am taking advantage of all that the beauty of this country has to offer, and I hope to share with others some of the spoils. I DO LOVE FREEDOM!


Ps...I did meet Kirk Cameron finally...sort of.  He was speaking at a conference. I had been married to my LOVE for 4 years, had one baby already, and one in the oven, as they say.  He was married and had six kids, ages 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 2 months (show-off!).  I stood in front of him, and was just about to talk to him-I wanted to tell him my eighth grade story, but I was afraid that he would call security, and I didn't trust my own blabbermouth to withhold that information, so I grabbed my bff-Kindred Spirit's hand, and we walked away together, giggling like school girls.  Kirk lucked out that day.  ; )

Keri Lehmann
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