The Future Needs a BIG KISS!

Well, friends- It's FINALLY happened: The realization of a DREAM-COME-TRUE! Our Skin Care Foundry and Showroom is now open, running, and already quadrupled in sales from the previous weeks! We hit our 3-month projected sales benchmark the day we opened, accelerated by a HUGE purchase order from one of our private label accounts! They've just sold their company to the second-largest natural health products supplier in America, and guess what went with the sale? Their (our) product! God's timing is impeccable- we certainly couldn't have produced that number in our previous space. From my perspective, we have worked, prayed, wrestled, believed, crawled, cried, and finally RESTED in knowing that we were walking  in the path laid out for us. And I wouldn't have it any other way. People are our Passion; Skin care is our platform.

People are our Passion; Skin care is our platform. When we were deciding what to call the new place, the word FOUNDRY came up. It resonated with each of us, but we couldn't exactly put our finger on WHY. But, after a bit of contemplation, I realized that WE were like a FOUNDRY- we were forged in the same manner: By Fire. When we began in 2011, we knew nothing about how to run a business, and even less about how to BUILD one. All of our wisdom was acquired through research, trial, listening to YOU, and lots and lots of refining through fire. Through the process, we learned a valuable truth:

There’s always pain before a child is born.
(And speaking of children, look at this princess who visited us! She's feeling her feelings!)
A true experience there!

  Savvy Bohème Skin Care Foundry and Showroom is our child- the product of faith, hope, and smelting-hot perseverance.

And we bore this child for YOU.
One day, when I'm older and more eloquent, I 'll be able to fully communicate the emotions that have overwhelmed my thoughts these past several days.

But for now, you have to imagine with me:

The night before our opening, I rested into my car, after midnight, finally READY, and looked up to see this: The Foundry at Midnight


The hanging of the sign was the most surreal moment of the entire process. I am sure you understand why.

Blue Skies at the Foundry 

Blue Skies at the Foundry



Our Grand Opening was a day-long event, with a ribbon -cutting ceremony, lunch, product sales, live music, and an evening happy-hour event. Allons-Y!


As the people passed through,  I was greeted by YOU- all of you who have supported, purchased, shared, advised, and cheered us on to move forward. Foundry Friends :)

Foundry Friends :)

  I was thinking of your faces and emails and FB posts and comments on the bottoms of orders- each of you who have journeyed with us these 4.5 years, and I felt a great love and responsibility to you, to make the Foundry a space where YOU can come and connect with each other, sharing ideas, and dreaming BIG together.Our Hemingway wall: "Cowards die a thousand deaths, but the brave only die once."

Our Hemingway wall:
"Cowards die a thousand deaths, but the brave only die once."

We have big plans for this space, aside from producing LOTS and LOTS of REAL, RAW, and ETHICALLY SOURCED skin care products- Our shipping area-much needed space!

Our shipping area-much needed space!  We're gonna share it with YOU.  A space to share

A space to share. So, the next time you are in the Dallas area, think about heading our way- let us share a coffee with you.

Coffee, anyone?

And if you have a skill, a healthy living topic, or a gift for community that you'd like to share with an audience, let's chat...the Foundry just might be your venue.Come with us!

And in the meantime- ya mind sharing this post with your friends? We want EVERYONE to know we are here...and soon, we'll be where they are, too!

The Future needs a BIG KISS.

Allons-Y!   Oh, and BTW- There's THIS now:Hemingway. A full-bodied, musky scent, reminiscent of pipe tobacco, warm breezes, and words…deep, robust words.

A full-bodied, musky scent, reminiscent of pipe tobacco, warm breezes, and words…deep, robust words.

Keri Lehmann
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