Last Week, I Almost Killed Savvy Bohème.

A Time To REST.



As I have journeyed down this road with you, I've encountered lots of hardships- launching and running a manufacturing business is MUCH more difficult than I dreamed it would be, back in 2010, when I would lie in my bathtub, imagining the possibilities, dreaming of the glamorous life of a cosmetic mogul! haha!!

Thank God I had NO IDEA what awaited me. I would have quit before we began, for sure. This adventure has been surreal for the much of the time- I've formed relationships and partnerships with people I never in my life would have imagined meeting...including YOU.

I've seen hidden biological truths come to life before my eyes. I've been given uncommon understanding of formulations and chemistry with no prior education on the matter- I've felt a veil being removed from my eyes again and again and again...I can't believe some of the things my brain has perceived...Believe me when I say: It's beyond me. It REALLY is.

And most of all, I've been able to create a product that has affected lives. Here's April's story. But woven into those momentary, extraordinary events are regularly occurring, exponentially less interesting events- the day to day tasks of building and running a business....And without experience, no less.

And worse, failure appears when I least expect it. It usually shows up at the moment I am expecting success. It takes me by surprise every time. And sends me into confusion.

But something happened recently that I am soooo THANKFUL for. Something I wanted to share with YOU. As you know, I have been seeking money for growth for Savvy Boheme- particularly for relocation and hiring additional partners. November appeared to be a key month for us- several opportunities were lined up- we were very optimistic.

But in one week, they all fell through- we came in SECOND in votes for the grant contest we were pushing for, the building we were praying for was sold, and an investment opportunity passed. It felt like a major blow to our business-like an omen of sorts- a sign to quit. I began questioning our future. I went into panic mode- I thought the business was gonna die. I began creating ultimatums for myself. I started formulating a total reorganization of Savvy Boheme, all the while creating sheer and utter confusion for everyone around me.

It was a week of madness, I tell ya.

I found myself last Tuesday morning at a meeting, chasing after advice from a man who had given me all he was supposed to give me- I thought that since he had great advice once, that perhaps he held the key to our next steps. It ended up being the most desperate moment of my career. (I'll write about it sometime- it was pretty funny in hindsight.)

And then, that afternoon, I went to another meeting- a large group of entrepreneurs. As I was sitting at a table, silently licking my wound, a stranger- a man next to me, said this:

"The Lord wants you to know that you can REST. He has won all of your battles, and owns all of your success. You have it all in HIM- you can REST."

Those words fell on me like life. And so today, I come to you in REST, in knowing that for ALL of us, those words are true. In REST, we have LIFE.  Today, I am Thankful- Thank you so much for your support of me, of Savvy Boheme, and all of our endeavors.

I have gone back to following my intuition (no more chasing men down city streets-bwahahaha...good story...)- that seems to suit you and me best.

I am resting in knowing that, just as has been,  I will receive WHAT I need, WHEN I need it.

In the quiet moments, when my brain is stilled, I think of YOU, and where we are headed, together. And it's LOVELY...You'll see... I hope for you as well, that today, you are experiencing REST. And LIFE.

"Rest now, my Warrior. Rest now, your hardship is over. LIVE. Wake up. Wake up. And Let the Cloak of LIFE cling to your bones."
(You Dr. Who fans will recognize that quote ;)  A beautiful song, relevant to us all.) Oh, and the fun part- from now until Sunday nite, this code is valid for 30% off your entire cart: cloakoflife (all lower case) Feel free to share this with your friends- we want them to be a part of our story as well! Rest and LIFE and abundance to you this Thanksgiving time! Allons-Y! ~Keri
Keri Lehmann
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