Stuff MOMpreneurs Say

Stuff Mompreneurs Say


I know you already know what it's like:

  • interrupted meetings
  • business and personal issues interwoven into the same moments
  • non-stop, never-ending work
  • successes and failures occurring within seconds of each other
  • the desire to raise your children but maintain a sense of "balance" with work as well...
  • And the forgetfulness...OH, the forgetfulness...I'm sooooo sorry....

(And BTW: I don't believe in "Balance"- I think it's like a Unicorn...You HOPE it exists, but secretly know it's mythical.) And off-topic, here's another thing about unicorns:

But in the day-to-day chaos of being a mom/entrepreneur (we ALL are entrepreneurs, whether we've officially launched a business or not-I've SEEN what you've managed! You're a BOSS!), I think it's important to recognize that NOTHING is gonna be perfect, and hardly close to it.

In fact, I don't even believe you can HAVE IT ALL. Not all at once, anyway.

Because, REALLY, if you "Had It All", what more would there be to aim for? And, as my fav, Bono says,
"Envy is wanting what doesn't belong to you. But DESIRE is striving for what is YOURS."
  And desire is what gets us out of bed in the mornings...well, that and a kid pecking you for food... Right?!? Fortunately, there's enough time in the day to experience the momentary pleasures that come with raising children AND bossing stuff around. But in the in-betweens, there's THIS. My rendition of Stuff MOMpreneurs Say. Excuse my acting abilities and my HAIR (Good Heavens! I was so concerned about staging the video that I didn't realize that I hadn't brushed it that day. True story.) Also: Video notes-
I met the producer of the video, George Lynch, at a weekly business meeting called 1 Million Cups. He was pitching his company, TabRassa. Like all of the men that I keep in my life, he's a man of great character. Check him out- he can help YOU tell YOUR story, too...and 1 Million Cups as well- there's probably one meeting near YOU. And all of those connections happened at a cool place in Dallas, called The DEC. It's an entrepreneur's hangout- they are who are hosting the $50,000 grant that we will be winning on November 20th, as well. ;) Check them out as well if you are in Dallas. And let them know that YOU want US to win that prize.
And ONE MORE WORD on Entrepreneurship:
It's HARD. It's a TON of work. It's not pretty. It costs you time, money, mental sanity at times... But if you don't quit, you'll hit your mark. I promise. (I'm speaking to myself here as well...)    
And one more quick favor? The voting thing...We need every vote we can get. Contest ends Oct. 31, and some of our competitors are waking up. VOTE HERE.   Hope this inspires ya to do that thing that causes your heart to beat. Or at least made ya laugh! ;)

Come on- Let's Go...we can do this.

Keri Lehmann
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