Life Interrupted

I just wanted to pop in to let you know what YOU have done for others. It makes me so grateful and proud of you all. And very hopeful. When we launched, we KNEW that we had the obligation and pleasure of  sharing our prosperity with others. We get to carry each other, ya know? It's a joy to do so. We chose Family Legacy, a ministry for the orphans in Zambia, as our donation recipient- I have a dear friend who is the Superintendent of all of the schools there, and I knew we would get to experience Zambian life first hand, through her. Zambia is a nation of orphans. The median age is 16, and there are 12 children per each living adult. AIDS, poverty, and violence disallows life to continue into adulthood. Did you catch that part? I'll say it again:

AIDS, poverty, and violence disallows life to continue into adulthood. 

The children there have a 1:12 chance of growing into adulthood. Your purchases have allowed us to currently support two children's monthly tuition- because of YOU, they are cared for, safely in the protection of the loving arms of Family Legacy and their teachers.  

Here's the interrupting truth of life outside of Zambian walls of protection. This is an excerpt from a letter I have received from one of the children that YOU have provided for:

"IF I GROW UP..." 

 "IF" I grow up... No words... So, thank you all so much, for giving this guy a chance to know adulthood. And there's a girl as well, that you have given opportunity to. Our desire is to inundate Family Legacy with the funds to house and educate these children. They have committed to making the next 50 years of Zambia look hopeful for these children. So that they never have to say "IF". Pray for Mike, and for Mary- they both need to pass an educational exam that will determine their future. And pray that we can continue to sponsor more children like them.

And know that they are praying for YOU. They both have told me so in their letters.

We Get to Carry Each Other.
Keri Lehmann
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