10-ish Must-Have Items for Your Makeup Bag

I am asked regularly, probably daily, which makeup (and) brand I use. So here's a rundown on my makeup cache. And I should start by saying, it's not an actual cache...it's more like a very small bag with 8-10 items that almost never fluctuate. I like to keep things simple.


This is my bag: 



As you can see, I'm a W3LL People girl. I found them on a business trip to Austin last year, and chucked every product in my bag afterward. LOVE them. They are probably (definitely) the cleanest line of cosmetics that I have found. Even their mascara is clean, which is a feat in itself!  

(Oh, Wait- Let me interrupt this thought and tell you that I ALWAYS, NEVER NOT apply Gravitas Eye Serum before applying my foundation. It makes everything smoother...firmer...better.)


Gravitas Coffee Infused Eye Serum


 Onward: I love the Narcissist Foundation- I use #3, which I thought initially might be too dark for my light complexion, but it's spot-on, perfect. It comes in a stick, doubles as a concealer (apply as concealer; blend; apply as foundation...think:layers), and you can apply it directly to your face, like our Raven's Balm Wand, or you can use a brush. In Fact, speaking of Raven's Balm Wand, it creates a beautifully smooth, matte surface for the foundation to adhere to...Our products work very well with this cosmetic line. They're in sync. Here's the foundation brush:


makeup brush  


  I'm too lazy to use the brush most days, but I will admit that I feel sophisticated when I do use it- like I should be going to prom or something...in my self-designed, long-sleeved, floor-length, royal blue VELVET (?!) dress worn in May (?!?!) in Texas (!!!!!????) . Like this:




I also REAAALLY like their highlighting stick- it's called Universalist Multiuse ColorStick- I use #2. It makes me have that dewy glow. I apply it in a very thin line on the top, outer corners of my cheeks, and blend really well; Sometimes I use a brow brush to line under my eyes with it. It's shimmery.

W3LL People makeup

Their blushes and bronzers are mineral-based, and have great pigmentation to them. I've had both of these containers for almost a year, and they are still half-full (or half-empty, if you're a pessimist ;) I'm a procrastinator, so "half-full" works best for me...still not time to reorder...). My blush is Purist 63, and my bronzer is hedonist 52. Also, I love this picture- something about the tones and textures...and the bristles...Who knows? And BTW: You MUST get the Kabuki brush that they offer- it has out-performed two of my others. I didn't buy it the first time, but went back for it immediately. It's truly superior. 

W3LL People Blush

Their eye shadows are mineral as well, and come in a huge variety of colors. I purchased what the makeup artist applied to me when I was there, but if I had to choose for myself, I'm not sure that I could...So many complimentary colors...I have these:

W3ll People eye shadow


 My most recent purchase is the mascara. Finding a great-performing natural mascara is like finding a unicorn. I've found a Unicorn.  


Natural mascara

This mascara does a weird-amazing lining/lengthening/thickening thing that I've not experienced with other mascaras. It's a winner, for sure. I also use their lip gloss in grapefruit. It smells like spearmint and anise, and reminds me of my old Aveda Salon days. HI, Mark! (That's Mark. Great guy.)


aveda days


natural lipgloss  


  And FINALLY, there's one last thing, stored in a plastic baggie, stashed in a side pocket of my bag- a remnant of days past...but I JUST CAN'T throw it out:

chanel eyeshadow


Chanel Eclosion Eye Shadow: I really loved this palette. And will definitely find W3LL PEOPLE's equivalent someday. But for now, I use this guy to fill in my brows, and as an eyeliner (Wet an angle brush, swipe into palette, apply to top of lashes).   I do have W3LL PEOPLE's black eyeliner, but I prefer browns and auburns for eyeliner. I really do like the fact that this makeup brand has integrity- cosmetics are fun anyway, but when the brand is ethical, it makes it much more fascinating to use.

I will advise, however: making the switch to natural makeup is just like the switch you had to make when you started using our products: they use lots of botanical oils and powders, minerals, and waxes. It *may* seem oily at first, but after a few days' use, your brain adapts, and your skin cheers! If at first, the oiliness bugs ya, grab a bit of arrowroot powder or rice powder from your local grocer, and use that kabuki brush to dust a tiny bit OVER your Raven's Balm, but UNDER your foundation. It'll set the whole bit of it and give you everything you ever wanted and more! ;) It's all SOOOO worth it. You'll see.  
And with that, Allons-Y!   Ps...W3LL PEOPLE have neither paid nor asked me to endorse them. I just happen to adore their brand. And their studio...And Austin...and how well their products compliment my line. :)   If you loved this post, my prom dress, or W3LL PEOPLE cosmetics, share this with your friends :) 

Keri Lehmann
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