So THIS is What a Tipping Point Looks Like?

In May, we began a partnership with a national skin care company- we're formulating  and producing deodorants for them with one of their unique ingredients. The great news is that they have sold an entire year's contracted amount in 30 days. The Crazy Great news is that they keep doing that every two weeks, and have congratulated (warned) us that they are about to multiply the orders exponentially. There's also an international distributorship in the works, but we can't say that yet. (Thank you, God, for the increase.)
{Cool note: I went to my local Whole Foods Market last week to get a few items, and walked over to the deodorant aisle. I hadn't realized that their (our) product had reached Dallas shelves yet, so when I saw it, it was SURREAL. As the shoppers were passing by, it felt like time had frozen for a moment. Everyone was walking about, casually making their selections, and all I could think was, "We made that." To know that you made something that helps thousands of people around America-'s life-changing. It was our tipping-point. And it was born out of a LOT of support and encouragement from YOU. It was a defining moment for me. I'll never forget it.}

But, as business goes (grows), it has caused us to spin into a production frenzy, having to put all other luxuries, like eating, sleeping, and chatting with you on hold for several weeks (the whole summer.). So, I wanted to pop in and chat with ya to give you an update on what's going on 'round here. The situation mentioned above, combined with our preexisting need for a larger manufacturing facility has forced us to make plans to move out of our original production studio. Last year, We started seeking and praying for the perfect facility to come our way. We've set our sights on a property that is close to our home. It wouldn't work for today, but in 5 years or so, it would suit our needs well, with plenty of land to grow and distill our own essential oils. Think: Lavender fields, vineyards, and small, inclusive gatherings-it's a place we want to share with you all.


Every day, for the past year, EVERY time we pass the property, we pull over and one of the kids (usually Solomon) prays the same prayer:

Dear God, Thank you for giving us this land, thank you for protecting our city. Let us be a City Shining on a Hill. In Jesus' name, Amen.  

And we wait. But recently, (since May) we have begun looking for a manufacturing facility that we can move into immediately. I started looking in Dallas, then our surrounding cities, hoping for the perfect situation to present itself. Meanwhile, my mom kept saying it needed to be close to know, with kids and all...And I knew she was right. So one day, as we were driving home, we noticed that one of the warehouses near our home had a lock box on the door, signifying that it was about to go on the market. We pulled into the lot and peeked into the windows to see what it looked like inside. As we were walking back to the car, the Realtor pulled up. We got a tour immediately, and knew: It was ours. And it happens to be directly across the street from the property that we have prayed for this past year. And half a mile from my home.

savvy manufacture2

Now, as we pass the two properties, we pull over in the same spot, pray the same prayer, but include BOTH properties in the request. And we wait. But now, we are asking for YOUR help: We have applied for a grant that would provide this facility for us. But we need 250 votes in 31 days to qualify for it. We posted the request on Facebook, and within 2 days, we've received all but 65 votes. (YEA!!!) I am asking you now, would you mind popping  over to vote for us? It's really quick, and we would be more than grateful. And if you do, I'd love for you to let me know you did it, so I can thank you personally. Here's the link:    We have HUGE plans for the future of Savvy Bohème, and can't wait to share them with you all- we hope that our direction will benefit you in every way. We want to be a City Shining on a Hill. Will you help us? Vote here.

Keri Lehmann
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