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Hi there, Vegan Cuts fans!


We are so glad you decided to pop in over here! When Jill from Vegan Cuts contacted us to participate with them in the July Box, she told us how difficult it can be to find great VEGAN skin care products. We knew that we needed to not only participate, but welcome you in and navigate you toward our wide variety of VEGAN options- you deserve it, for all that you do! In fact, we've made a few changes to our product formulations to better serve YOU. Our Allons-Y! Natural Deodorant now contains Candelilla Wax (instead of beeswax) to accommodate our growing Vegan audience. We've also added two Vegan Raw Sugar Scrubs (same as original, minus the honey :) to our offerings:

  • CocoVegan (Coconut and Vanilla)
  • AWARE (Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lavender)
We also recently signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, AND received the Leaping Bunny Seal of Approval! WOOT! We are working diligently to build a brand that our audience can trust, as an authority in REAL skin care, with authentic communication, and as a way to contribute to the betterment of our world. We are always interested in taking steps toward the fulfillment of that goal, and do so at every opportunity. We WELCOME YOU to take a deeper peek inside our heart, and see what we are all about. But in the meantime, we wanted to give you a super-quick navigation through our products:
All of our products are vegan with the exception of the following-
  • Raw Sugar Scrubs (minus the two new items listed above)
  • Blithe Bees-wax Lip Balms
We are also Gluten and GMO free, in case that matters to ya. And here's a fun behind-the-scenes for the product YOU received in the Vegan Cuts Box.   We hope that we are able to meet your needs though our very simplistic but REAL approach to skin care. Give us a shout if we can help you further! And be sure to use the coupon code below for your next purchase with us! VEGANCUTS (ALL CAPS)  for 15% off total cart! (not valid on sale items :/) Thanks for stopping by! Allons-Y!   Keri Lehmann
Keri Lehmann
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