2,200 Bottles of Oil on the Wall...

We just sent out 2,200 bottles of our Tall Americano Bath and Body Oil.

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2,200. That number never seems like much, until you actually start the counting. And filling. And cleaning. And labeling. And sealing. And counting again. And packing... Then it's more like 15,400. But that's JUST FINE with us, because that means that 2,200 people get to experience the inspiration, romance, and efficacy of our Bath and Body Oils. ArticleOil sun

As a matter of fact, while our team of {paid and unpaid-thanks, family!} laborers prepared the bottles of oil, we created a space of community ourselves.   The bottles were filled in our lab, but after they were filled, we moved them to a room with a large table where we could sit together, talk, laugh, pray, and DREAM BIG together- we are always thinking about possibilities around here! And after every initiative of this type, I am ALWAYS reminded:

It Takes A Village to create success. We DO get to carry each other. (I must say, after the 3rd day of handling those bottles, I definitely needed to be carried...just for a minute.)

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But speaking of possibilities, I wanted to let YOU know about all the possible uses of our Bath and Body Oils. I'll list them, in no particular order :)

  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Facial Cleansing Oil (Warm water on wash cloth, rinse face with it, massage oil onto damp skin, rinse with warm water and/or wash cloth.)
  • Massage Oil
  • Shaving oil (women AND men!)
  • After-shower body moisturizer (apply immediately to damp skin)
  • Sun Tanning Oil
  • Scalp Detoxifier and conditioner (My hubs rubs it on his scalp weekly, and we honest-to-goodness have noticed regrowth. Will keep ya posted on this one.)
  • Hair Smoother (for coarse hair only; use very sparingly)
  • Bath Water Conditioner (turns the water into silk instantly...try this one soon! You'll love it!)
Those are just to name a few...let us know how else you use your Bath and Body Oil! Thanks to our village, for always walking with us toward our goals! And Thank YOU for making it necessary! We LOVE serving you!
Keri Lehmann
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