What is "Old People Smell" ?!?

Ok, folks... I'm sorry to do this to ya, but SOMETIMES, we just gotta GO THERE. {And especially so, since I am 40 now...} Let's get this over with.     When the Hubs and I bought our old farmhouse, city records reported it to have been built in 1940, which we thought was soooo cool.   old house  

But one day, over a year after we lived there,  a man came knocking at the door, telling us that he used to live in it in the 1930's...And his family bought it from the original owner, who lived in it in the early 1900's...Apparently, the build date is around 1903.

And it smells like it.

  From the moment we walked past the threshhold, it has smelled like an old man in a polyester suit. Now, I understand that the previous owner, (a very elderly man) passed away in the house. (Relax...he was a minister  ;) But that surely couldn't account for the fact that, even to this very moment, if I don't have some young 'uns running around, stirring things up, the air falls flat, stagnant, and, well...musty. So my question is: why DOES my house smell like an old man when it's left alone?!? And while I don't think that this explains it all, I will say that there have been a LOT of old people living in this house, now including, {eh hem....} my husband and me, and according to the interwebs, old people (over 40)  apparently STINK.  And also apparently, HERE'S WHY:
The waxy oil that comes from our bodies and out our glands, sebum, is youthfully loaded with antioxidants. This fortunate fact prevents (or at least minimizes) oxidation (free radicals) from forming onto the skin's surface.  However, as we age, we have less antioxidants, but the same or more amount of sebum. Less antioxidants=more oxidation of fatty acids (particularly Omega 7 in this case) on the skin. More oxidation produces a chemical called 2-nonenal, which is the CULPRIT for the old people smell. It's rancid oil. Kinda musty... Happens to beer, too...weird...
You can thank me for not boring you to tears with the amount of research through medical journals and articles that I had to sort through to confirm this very simplistic point. Here's a sample:
Straight monounsaturated and diunsaturated as well as branched monounsaturated fatty acids of triglycerides and pooled fractions were found to be higher at maturity than in childhood and in advancing age. Diunsaturated fatty acids were below 3% of the total and constituted exclusively of C18:2delta5,8, C20:2delta7,10, C18:2delta9,12. 

You can also thank me that Savvy Bohème has a solution for the stinkies:

ALL of our products are hyper-loaded with antioxidants that prevent (or at least greatly minimize) oxidation on the skin's surface. And our Raw Sugar Scrubs do a GREAT job at exfoliating that dead skin that's being held on by oxidized oil. (Read this) AND most importantly: Oil releases Oil. (This is how you're gonna get the 2-Nonenal off your skin- it's not water-soluble- water alone won't rinse it off.)

So here's your (my...our) ANTI-OLD PEOPLE SMELL protocol:

  • Exfoliate gently, daily. (Remember: all that dead skin is surrounded by oxidized sebum, like mortar. That's the stinky stuff.) Try these or this.
  • Moisturize and Nourish with REAL, plant based oil. (We aren't talking "masking" with fragrance. We are looking at prevention of oxidation- REAL solutions.) Here ya go... and Here, too. And there's this.
  • Eat your veggies. It certainly doesn't hurt to take in lots of plants as well...just keep 'em NOT FRIED. (transfats make you stink ;) ) Here's my go-to-girl on the veggies.
Of course, none of this really explains why my house smells like 2-nonenal. And I also don't think 40 is old. Or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80... But I guess, since we lose our sense of smell as we age, I'll just trust what the scientist say, and assume that I need this protocol as well ;)


(And speaking of Allons-Y!...You're ALSO gonna need some deodorant...same issue, different cause.  ;) Here ya go.   Ps...All you Young 'Uns {apparently everyone UNDER 39}- don't you go gettin' the big head that you don't stink, because soon, you'll be makin' 2-Nonenal, too! ;)   Happy Showering!   And as always, don't forget to tell your friends about us...and this...and them... :) SHARING is CARING ;) (Down below...RSS, Tweet, FB)
Keri Lehmann
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