THIS IS {my} 40.

I just turned 40.

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As in, since I've been on this planet, the Earth has completely orbited around the Sun 40 times. That doesn't seem like much until you grab a calculator and begin punching in the digits:

  • 14,610 Days I've woken up in the morning
  • 350,640 hours I've breathed air
  • 35 years from the time I first met my husband (and, coincidentally, the same amount of time since I met my first BFF, who also coincidentally reintroduced me to my hubs several times later)
  • 22= the number of years passed since I graduated High School
  • 5475= number of 12 oz coffees I've ordered from Starbucks (more or less...probably more more than less)
  • 7= number of times I've seen MUTEMATH in concert. All worth the moments spent
All of that adds up to A LOT of time waking, breathing, meeting, passing, ordering, and groupie-ing. It also adds up to A LOT of experience. And in my experience, I have decided that 40 is waaaaay better than 30. And it puts 20 to shame. And 10...well, that was the Wonder Year- we won't touch that. But since I have visited 4 decades on this planet, and now I am a professional human (that is to say, I am a PRO at being human), you should listen to me when I say that 40 is the beginning of REALLY living. Here's that list we humans are always looking for (told you I was a PRO!):

Top 10 Reasons why 40 is the Next Wonder Year:

  1.You. Don't. Care. Anymore. about what others think of you. Or about what YOU think others think of you. Or about what YOU think others think YOU think about you. Nope- because you have realized: That's not really what's going on. We are all just walking around, thinking about ourselves. Which, as selfish as it sounds, is really what we should be doing: MYOB. In the good way ;) (ya know- the whole "speck in your brother's eye/ plank in your own" thingy?)

2. You take comfort in knowing that you Just Don't Know...And it's ok. Bono says, "The more you see, the less you know. The less you find out as you go. I knew much more then than I do now." There's excitement in the discovery.
3. You become a more relaxed parent. Now, I don't know if this is because your eyesight is getting worse, and you just don't SEE things that need to be done, if you are too tired to micromanage, or if you just gain wisdom...but whatever way, I'll take it. My kids say I'm O.K. ;) bday
4. You can laugh at yourself. Things that would have gotten ya all worked up last decade just seem funny now. Like getting kicked out of Office Max for being a pest. Or being patronized by the fashionista at D Magazine for your plastic purse from Sprouts grocery store ;) Or THIS:
561251_504722342874702_1373909941_n Yup. All HILARIOUS!
5. Friendships become less complicated and more meaningful. Again- not sure if it's 'cause you're tired and DON'T PLAY NO GAMES anymore, or if your friends are all Feelin' the 40, too. Regardless, enjoy them-they are the  Chocolate of Life
6. You don't have to rush to clean the house before guests arrive anymore. They've seen the house when your kids were little. Or too busy working. They know this is an improvement. In fact, they think you're a great housekeeper now (not that you care...).
7. You rest in peace about your idiosyncrasies- You're weird. And you're fine with it. And you're fine that everyone else is weird, too.
8. Your brain is ON FIRE. There seems to be an ignition switch that gets hit when you turn 40. You see things more clearly, have a greater understanding of what's gonna  work, and MAN! THIS time, you know EXACTLY how you're gonna go after it. In it's imperfect form, it manifests as "a mid-life crisis"...but harnessed with WISDOM and TRUTH, it results in Success.
9. You start saving a ton of money. Why?  'Cause you're sick of all the STUFF. Don't want that Ginsu knife or the Home Yogurt Maker. No need for the All-In-One Dicer/Chopper/Peeler/Vacuum...takes up too much counter space. Free gift with purchase? Keep it. Don't need it. All that STUFF costs money to buy and energy to store. {Ok...I will say that I may have lost some of you on this one, but let me say: When we had our GREAT HOME REMODEL OF 2012, we rented a dumpster and chunked EVERYTHING that wasn't donatable. We left NOTHING. And as we have filled the rooms again, we've been very deliberate keep the space clutter-free. It's very liberating...and very easy to keep clean!}
10. You have another 40 years to live the GREAT ADVENTURE of Life, only this time...You appreciate it!
Life is full of mystery, beauty, and possibilities. And they are all at your disposal. In the words of my MUTEMATH,

"We Can Make The World Spin However We Want. It's All On Us."

So...who's with me?   If you agree, Share this with your friends :)
Keri Lehmann
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