Top 10 Most Inspiring Movie Quotes {Day 9}

Today's inspiration comes from one of my VERY MOST FAVORITE movies ever. Although, I'm not sure if some would count it as a "movie" per's actually a documented music tour. And it's better than any movie I've seen- full of light and symphony and grace and passion and community. And the idea that it's about EVERYONE.


In the documentary, Coldplay Live 2012 Tour, Chris Martin, the band's lead singer describes their goal as performers as one in which EVERYONE becomes an important part of the moment. The audience has been given wrist bands that light up into various colors when activated, and throughout specific parts of the concert, the bands are turned on and the audience instantly become part of the set design. It's a powerful display of unity and diversity represented through color and movement.

We'll run riot. We'll be glowing in the dark.

Throughout the concert, Chris calls out to the audience,

"I can see you, to the right and the left, and all the way in the back- and we NEED you. We need you.  Let's make some noise!"

 As the audience watches Chris, anticipating the next song in the lineup, he says,

Put your hands in the air. Everyone, put your hands in the air. Ok, Will. Switch 'em on. Let's Go!  
And the room becomes illuminated with the pulse of thousands and thousands of people, whose hearts are joined for that one moment in time.   Red, blue, green, pink, and yellow lights, and paper confetti like grafitti stars falling from the sky...and the music- the words:
So on concrete canvas under cover of dark- On a concrete canvas, I go making my mark. Armed with the spray can soul- I'll be armed with the spray can soul!  

The inspiration of thousands of souls, aligned in time, ready to ignite: switch    

As for Aaron...

I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to. ~Napoleon Dynamite
Keri Lehmann
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