Top 10 Most Inspiring Movie Quotes {Day 8}

On this cold and rainy day, I am always transported to Paris in the spring- it's my happy place. So with that in mind,  I give you today's treasure: An excerpt from the 1995 movie, "French Kiss" th (1french kiss

In this scene, Kate {Meg Ryan} is explaining to Luc {Kevin Kline} that, even though their goals are different, they are alike in their pursuit to get what they want.

Kate: So you'd risk everything for this? Luc: Oui. Kate: Do anything to have it? Luc: Oui. Kate: Get down on your knees and beg? Luc: Oui. Kate: Then what makes you so different from me?  
I heard a pastor teach recently about getting those things that you are desperately seeking. He said you have to be audacious about it. Beg, holler, jump up and down... Sometimes, you have to[dropcap] get on your knees and beg.[/dropcap]  

Don't let go until you've received the blessing.

    And speaking of receiving blessings...[highlight]only 4 days 'till V-DAY.[/highlight] Grab your gift here.   Oh, yes- and for Aaron.... From "This is Spinal Tap" {of course}:
 These go to eleven. ~Nigel
Keri Lehmann
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