Get it Yourself Service: A Valentine's Day PSA

Valentine's Day is only (let's see...14-6...) 8 days away, and you're wondering if your honey has considered this yet.

  Let me assure you, based on Savvy Bohème's highly sophisticated field study report: He hasn't.   At this point, ALL but ONE of our Valentine's Day gift baskets have been purchased by women... So here's what you are going to do: Copy this image to your computer.   honey ad  

Then email it to him.   Then text it to him.   And then print it out and post it on the remote control.   And finally, make it his computer wallpaper.   That should work.   And if it doesn't, contact us and we'll go after him.   (And tell him not to forget about his momma-she likes chocolate, too...)   This is a sure-fire way to ensure that you will get exactly what you wanted for Valentines's Day.   Either that, or just do what our other customers have done and buy it for yourself.   On second thought, go ahead with plan B. Here ya go.

Un corazón de verano en el corazón del invierno…para ti!

Keri Lehmann
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