I Hate Selfies (How to Get What You Want: Post V)

This post has come from a place of intrigue, by way of an almost posted-selfie. Here's what happened the other morning:  
I went to bed reading "Think and Grow Rich" (the **"hypothetico-deductive model"** for this post series), and in it,  the author, Napoleon Hill said that AFTER you have begun applying known principles, learned ALLL about yourself and your product, acquired a Burning Passion, and finally,  chosen success, then it's time to step up to the plate and put your plan into action through the power of Auto-Suggestion.
He says {my paraphrase}:
Concentrate on what you REALLY want.
The subconscious mind takes any (ANY) orders that you give it, 
in absolute FAITH that it's what you REALLY want.
So, the trick here is to give your mind the orders you want filled.
Again and again, like you're training a child. Tell it what you want, repetitively.
Like this (I am speaking here in terms of money for demonstration, but the principle is applicable in other desires as well- remember my "partnership" with MUTEMATH?): 
  • Go to a quiet room.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Speak aloud the exact amount of money you want, and when, exactly you want it by. 
  • Declare what service or product (or both) you intend to exchange for the money, with great detail to level of quality you intend to deliver.
  • Declare that your faith is so strong that you can literally see the money in your possession.
  • Repeat several times daily.
  • Write it all out and post it by your bed.
  • [dropcap]Keep your eyes opened[/dropcap] and mind attuned to the plan on HOW you will acquire this goal.
SO, when I woke up this morn, I spoke to my subconscious (actually, I do it through prayer to Jesus, but my subconscious hears it, too ;) ) , and listed the orders that I wanted my mind to fill  for December. After praying, I [dropcap]opened my eyes[/dropcap],
and thought, "It's Saturday. People are shopping. We need to have a sale. I'll make an ad."
I know, through marketing, that
[dropcap] ads with eyeballs in them perform better than non-eyeballed ads[/dropcap],
so I decided to take my very first almost-posted selfie. It was, 7 am, after all, and all my models were asleep.
Now, I will say, I have a strong aversion to selfies for several reasons, but MOSTLY because I am really bad at them. I've tried a few times, looked and felt like an idiot, and decided that all pics need to be taken by an arm NOT attached to the subject. Some would say that I'm just jealous...Maybe that's the case ;)
Anywho, After about 20 (annoying) tries, Here's the best I got:
I was trying to be artistic, and capture the message behind the reflection in the mirror and the coffee scrub on the shelf (and face) and it's morning significance  
                                          [quote]"have you had your coffee this morn? I have."[/quote]
But instead, Aaron (who woke up during my photo shoot) said,
"you look like that woman who died from all those bee stings on her face."
And that ended my selfie-photography career before it began. 
Aaron ended up taking this low-quality pic for me, and I posted it to Facebook, and it performed [highlight] over 600 times better [/highlight]   than our regular posts.
To wrap it up, I have three things to say on [dropcap]How to Get What You Want:[/dropcap]
  1. Give your mind orders that you actually want filled. And then KNOW that it will obey.
  2. One of the Laws of Entrepreneurship is: Work your strengths and hire or marry others to work theirs with you.
  3. Go buy some Tall Americano Coffee/Sugar Scrub. And some of our other stuff, too. It's part of my auto-suggestive plan ;)
NOTE* The term, "hypothetico-deductive model" was given to me by the gifted and intelligent Valerie Guerrero, from The Artisan Group.  Thank you, Valerie! My brain just got bigger.
Keri Lehmann
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