If You're Alive, Then Be Alive (How to Get What You Want: Post IV)

Sometimes, the journey to Getting What You Want looks like a miserable failure.

Nothing seems to go as planned. Chaos surrounds you. Everything takes longer, and is harder than you ever imagined. Others have to get involved to move you through.

Humility becomes your cloak.

You want to quit, to turn back, but there's no place to go but ONWARD. So you keep pressing forward- it's the only option. [dropcap]It's gonna be a long, hot summer.[/dropcap]   BUT, a light in the darkness: There's ALWAYS something to learn from the experience. There's WISDOM in the journey. [dropcap]There's Beauty in the Mess.[/dropcap]     We are naturally inclined to think that we need to rush to the end, to get to the Promised Land.

To Get to the Point.

  [highlight]But sometimes, the journey IS the point.[/highlight]   The knowledge gained in learning. The relationships tried and strengthened. The gift of receiving when you really want the power to be the giver. The place of peace that comes, when you've done ALL that you can, and now, you just STAND...[quote]Hold Your Position. And then look around you.[/quote]  

Look for the Beauty in the Mess.

It permeates. It emanates. It makes you Piercingly AWARE.

Acutely Alive.

My hubs wrote a song about our recent 16-month long "summer" of our home remodel. It goes something like this:     alive 2     When you're in the Valley, draw a heart into the dirt, and let the world know you are there.

Find the Beauty in the Mess.

Because this day's gonna end, and when it does, [dropcap]You will have LIVED.[/dropcap]
Keri Lehmann
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