How to Date Your Daughter (Legally)

You are a dad. You have a teen daughter. You exist under the same roof...or at least some of the time. And yet, you are worlds apart, it seems.   

But there IS a way to bridge the gap. I witnessed it myself last weekend. At a concert. In a nightclub.

The Hubs and I went out to enjoy one of our favorite musicians, Andrew Belle. Andrew is one of the few musicians that I will leave the comforts of my home for-He takes music very seriously (just how I like it!), and crafts every song with precise attention to each detail, causing the hearer to stop, rewind, and replay a track over and over and over again, pondering each note and lyric in an album like it means something. (You should know that Andrew's tunes have been the soundtrack for the creation of many of our products that you, our faithful customers, are enjoying today :) ) andrew belle   

But that's not the point here...This is:

As we were standing in line, waiting for the doors to open, the man in front of me asked if I would watch his daughter while he went to pay the meter.

(Protector: Good Dad Thing To Do #1...the watch the kid part, not the meter part...Ok...both parts...)


 Aaron and I began chatting with his daughter, and quickly discovered who the Andrew Belle fan was of the two. They were from Houston, and Papa drove his 14- year old princess all the way to Dallas (that's 5 hours, one way, folks!) for her to see that Musician That She Loves.

(Sacrificial: Really Good Dad Thing To Do # 2).


While waiting for the show to start, we learned more about the two of them. Dad knew his girl and the princess knew her Papa. They took turns speaking, each in honor of the other, respecting, admiring, complimenting one another.  He held her heart, for sure.  

(Captivated: Super Good Dad Thing To Do #3).

  Her excitement for Andrew was a pleasure to watch (I couldn't stop taking pics of her because of it!). dada2

 But witnessing Dad's pleasure in connecting with his Treasure was even better. He chose to endure a lot of not-his-kinda-thing in order to create a moment that she would always remember. And it sounded like that 5 hour road trip produced a lot of conversation as well...they recounted to us how a particular Kansas song came on the radio, and they both loved it, for separate reasons- he grew up with it, and she heard it in the crying-point of a popular TV series ;) (This is actually how she discovered Andrew Belle as well...if you listen carefully to the most powerful point of any given show or movie, you will hear our guy. He's a pro with dramatic crescendo ;) Movie and Television Producers know this about him.) I also noticed that the princess didn't have a cell phone. Now, I don't know if that meant she didn't own one, but she didn't have one that night, which meant that she was fully present in the moment.

Her Papa was, too. Completely, present. For HIS girl.

(Present: MOST IMPORTANT Good Dad Thing To Do #4)


In the end, she got to meet Andrew, and walked away with a cool memento taken from the band (can't tell ya what it was, because A) we advised her to grab it, and B) if you knew, then you would get to it before we did next time ;)


It was her night, and she knew she was protected, adored, and LOVED. Her Papa set the bar that night for any future suitor to rise to. And she will always remember what he did for her. I suspect that the gap is very narrow between these two. And that's a bridge that will lead her into the arms of an emotionally healthy future.

"I Love you, I love you. And All of Your Pieces."

      Here ya go, Rachel: Pieces/ Andrew Belle
Keri Lehmann
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