Important Note From the Founder

Well..It's been two years since the launch of that Passion That Was Burning Deeply Inside My Gut. It's been two years since My Whole World Shifted. Two years, and a Whole Lotta Learning in the meantime. I must say, I never imagined my life would be like this. Early mornings, Late nights, (what's a weekend?!?), research unending, building a business model, deconstructing a business model, working ONLY with cash flow, no paycheck, writing, formulating, trashing, rewriting,  testing, producing, failing, succeeding... (all the while COMPLETELY REMODELING OUR 110- year-old Farmhouse...who's idea was that?!?!) ...and enough mistakes to kill it all.. But we NEVER GAVE UP. In the darkest moments, there was YOU.


All of you, sending emails and Facebook Notes of Love for the products, tips on how you were using the products successfully, constant kindnesses, merciful gestures for mistakes we made, referrals to your friends, and the continued support of our endeavors: All of this amounted to a desire to Press Forward. For YOU.


We have the VERY BEST CUSTOMERS. We really do. I cannot express how grateful I am to you all. We have, LITERALLY, built this business on your tips and requests. I am always amazed at how smart you all are. I learn so much from you. We have spent the past 6 months reconstructing the foundation for a company that has grown larger than our minds could imagine when we started. We are so proud of this new site, and hope that it presents more ease of use, interaction, community, and ways for YOU to participate (videos, anyone?!?) Because we are committed to Debt-Free practices, we have chosen a slow-and-steady pace, and feel that NOW, after stabilizing our foundation,  we are ready to Make some noise

The past two years have been absolutely amazing and full of lessons. And the past six months have been no different. One of the hardest lessons that I had to learn was that we were sorely undercharging on several of our products. We've come to realize the hard way that in order to sustain our business we must make increases in the costs of several products. I know how hard it can be sometimes to budget in cost for toiletries, cosmetics and other body care products. I want you to know that with the increase in cost of some of our products, I have set the margins as tightly as I could so that we could continue to meet YOUR needs, as well as be able to meet our new obligations (WOOT! Employees: Larger Lab= Less Cranky=Cuter Bows on the Packages!) and continue to maintain our debt free business model. bows2

And Just IMAGINE how happy these gals will be to have more space to work in: girls

We commit to continue our practice of Hand-crafting REAL ingredients in their RAW states, and with organic and Fair Trade  practices wherever necessary.  We also commit to continue listening to YOU -You all have the BEST ideas! We hope that you will continue to choose us for your skin care needs, and that we will make you proud. We hope to continue to nurture and inspire your spirit, and hope that through any measure of contact with us, you are encouraged to go after that Passion That Is Burning Deeply Inside Your Gut. "Nothing's Gonna Stop What We've Started. Nothing's Gonna Break What We've Bonded. We Can Make the World Spin However We Want. It's ALL on US." (-thanks, as always, MuteMath! ;) for REAL,  Keri :) ps... Attention: If you have placed an online order with us at any point within the past 2 years, we have used the email you gave us to send you a special gift. (Don't worry! We won't spam you- just a one -time message). If you didn't get your message, or have purchased through shows and we don't have your email, contact us. We have something for you, too!

Keri Lehmann
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