Beat Down by a Demon (How to Get What You Want: Post I)

I’d like to start this journey off with a Bible story. Don’t worry- I’ll make it quick…and funny:

During the time of Paul’s ministry, there were a bunch of well-intended sons of a Jewish priest who had seen what Paul was doing (healing the sick and casting out demons in Jesus’ name), and they wanted in on the action. They decided to duplicate Paul’s effort by saying something a little (ok, a LOT) less convincing to cast out the demons. It sounded something like this:
Alright, you DEMON-HEADS! We want you to Get Out of That Body…in the NAME OF THAT SAME JESUS THAT THE PAUL GUY PREACHES ABOUT!! Hear me?!?!"
I’m pretty sure there was one guy doing all the talking, and he told his brothers to pretend to be holding him back, like he could snap like a circus tiger at any second… And I’m pretty sure that the brothers were all, “Yeah! What he said! Or ELSE!” But instead of the triumphant exit that I am CERTAIN that the guys had imagined in their minds would play out, they were confronted with this word from the demon:
“Uh…Dude…I KNOW Jesus…and I’ve heard about Paul….but who are you (idiots)?”
  -I added the idiot part…it was implied in the text… And then the demon-possessed man jumped at the brothers (there were SEVEN of them, and they were gettin’ on his nerves), beat them down, and they ran out of the house…naked… [highlight]They were naked!?!….How’d that happen?!?![/highlight]   That story got me thinking about a few things about this whole “How to Get What You Want” journey, and I wanted to flesh out the thoughts here, in this very PUBLIC and potentially humiliating venue. (Keepin’ it REAL, right?)   When one is setting out to achieve a particular purpose, it is imperative that one knows a few things:
  1. Your strength: What is it, where it comes from, and how to employ it.
  2. YOUR PRODUCT:  KNOW IT. Inside and out. Back and forth.  And believe in it.
  3. Your Size: Don’t try to make yourself appear bigger than you really are. Grow in wisdom, and your stature will grow with you, apparent to all who inspect you.
About 4 seconds after I launched Savvy Bohème, I contacted the Sprouts headquarters (our natural food store chain in Texas) with a wholesale query. I was pretty sure that their worlds would be rocked by carrying my products in their stores across  southwest America.  I only had 2 products at the time, and we hadn’t even learned how to use them yet. I mean, it was even before Canton, which I consider my TRAINING GROUND! The wholesale buyer for the chain spoke with me in a very non-threatening way, and let me know the parameters for wholesale contracts. She used retail jargon that I still can’t recall, and she and I BOTH knew that I didn’t understand a word she was saying. When she kindly asked me if I was ready to send regional sales reps to three different states in America to service the stores, I faked a bad phone signal, hung up, and ran off my front porch, naked, into the sunset of bravado. It wasn’t pretty. Having confidence in yourself isn’t enough to succeed in achieving your goals.
(WHAT?!?!...Are you SURE?!?!)  

I'll say it again: Having confidence in yourself isn't enough to succeed in achieving your goals. It's VERY important, but not all that you need. I’m sure of it…ask me how I know. We’ll talk about the Martha Stewart debacle in a later post, once I get my clothes back on from that one…it’s a good and embarrassing one- you’ll wanna stick around for it, for sure. You have to be very clear in those 3 points that I made earlier before you can even begin to get what you want. In fact, clarifying those three points, I believe, will help to determine what your heart will pound for- it will determine that THING YOU LOVE. It will be the match that strikes a flame for the desires that will burn in your soul- the kind of fire that Katie Herzig describes in her song, "Daisies and Pews":

“Fire in my chest. Fire in my soul. When nights are cold.”

So, today, ask yourself those three questions:

  1. What is my strength? Where does it come from? How can I best use it?
  2. What do I want to present to others that they cannot go another day without? What problem does it solve? How does it work? Why do I love it? Why does it work?-Look aaaaaaaaaall around this point. If you don’t have faith in the thing that you want to present to others, you will never be able to genuinely present it to others. Most people can sniff out fakes pretty quickly.  Demons can, too. ;)
  3. Humbly assess where you are in your journey. Seek wisdom. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t pretend to know it all. As my friend, Max Fincher says, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to get new friends.”
  After you know the answer to these questions, the authentic, burning fire of desire will ignite. Get ready to start burning bridges…next Wednesday…. And I wanna hear your answers. What do YOU want?
Keri Lehmann
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