How to Get What You Want (Introduction)

The start of Savvy Bohème began with an abstract thought and a burning desire to do something much greater than myself. It was a desire that I couldn't shake. After a year of reading every business/personal success book that I could get my hands on, the idea of marketing the products that I had already been making for years came to mind. It was the first of a thousand epiphanies that have occurred since the launch of the company. Among many of the burning desires that smolder in this heart of mine, there is one "HAVE TO" that I've sought to accomplish: I've wanted Savvy Bohème to have an audience with That Band That I Love -- MuteMath (as oddly placed as it may seem- I know it's odd because people look at me weirdly when I say it...). I've organized a couple of plans in my mind, but neither have had the substance to manifest into actual event (I have tested them, for sure!) In seeking wisdom for our current business situation with the company, I picked up the classic book by Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich." I knew it's principles had stood the test of time, so I could trust it's advice. Within the first few pages, the following words stood out to me:
" intangible impulse of thought can be transmuted into material rewards by the application of known principles."
The author goes on to tell the story of how an ordinary man "literally THOUGHT himself into a partnership" with a particular person (ok, ok, it was THOMAS EDISON), using known principles of success. He also says this:
"The most common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."
One Monday afternoon in August, during the very start of a business meeting that I was having with our team, I got a Tweet from a dear friend:
"@MuteMath fans, FREE show today @Good Records".

I, of course, stopped our meeting, which had gotten this far:

I took a quick shower, put on non-work clothes, and headed to Dallas. The show was in a small record store, with only 30 people-very intimate by any standard. I knew that my opportunity had arrived. I quickly noted three questions that I wanted to ask them, got Christian to grab the bar of our love, African Black Soap, that was in my purse, and enjoyed the show.

That day's experience ended with, indeed, an audience with That Band That I Love. I got to interview them (watch for the video on the website - it's being edited now) AND introduce them to our African Black Soap. (They may or may not have wished that I would "Shut The Heck Up and Move On, Lady" ...but as MM says, "I don't have that thing inside that tells me when I've said enough."

... so I wouldn't have noticed anyway ;) In processing all that occurred that day, I considered how easily presented that encounter was, and how it came from such a surprising direction! I would have never imagined that my desires would have been met so readily, and without any contriving on my part. But, then I also recognized that I had, indeed, contrived the encounter - I stopped a meeting, showed up at the record store, thought of interview questions and the gift of soap. And then I stood in line and waited for them to speak with me. I had, literally, THOUGHT myself into a partnership with MuteMath, so to speak. (Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think for a SECOND that any of that would have happened without the moving of my God, who LOVES to give good gifts. But that's for a later conversation...) It was the opportunity itself that I had no control over.

(That's where God came in... ;)) Which got me to thinking:

  • HOW MANY opportunities do we face regularly that we miss?
  • HOW OFTEN do we pass on significant encounters or opportunities because of one excuse or another?
  • HOW LONG will we work against our passions and gifts out of fear of defeat...or poverty...or rejection?
  • HOW MUCH will our negative thoughts cost us, in terms of success?
I want to invite YOU to journey with me through the timeless wisdom expressed in the book, "Think and Grow Rich", and let's see if we can sort out, in our minds, how we can get that thing that is burning inside us to be manifested to come out. In the words of MuteMath:

"Nothings gonna stop what we started. Nothings gonna break what we bonded. We can make the world spin however we want. It's all on us."

So let's do this: Meet me here, every Wednesday morning, and we'll get our worlds spinning the way we want them to go.

Keri Lehmann
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