Live Like a Dog.

This is Maggie.

She loves food (especially the stolen kind), snuggling, and having her tummy scratched.

She also likes to juice-the Mean Green kind. Cat does, too. Smart creatures.

This is what she looked like when Santa brought her from the SPCA last year:

(She came with meds and strict quarantine orders.)

She has proven herself to be a very sweet and loyal companion. She is an EXCELLENT actress and always plays the heroine.


The only thing is, if you look her directly in the eyes, she will jump up and lick your eyeball.

She's just waiting for the look. Just one stare.

It's not a pleasant sensation. But that is of no concern to her.

She's gonna do it anyway.

You need it, apparently.

What I really like about Mags is that she has no self-consciousness.

She knows she can't catch a squirrel, but she always tries.

She knows we hate the eyeball lick, but she always gives it.

She rolls over and exposes all her vulnerability in complete expectation of a scratch, with full abandon, to anything that breathes, even the cat.

And she never, EVER, ever misses an opportunity to make you smile.

When everyone else is serious, she has a very special way of lightening the mood.

 I wanna be like Maggie. (Except for the eyeball-licking thing.)

She knows how to live.


Keri Lehmann
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