All Natural Deodorant: Allons-Y!

Creating a universal Natural Deodorant is a precarious thing; it's like trying to be all things to all people. There are so many external variables that could make or break the product's efficacy and in turn, its marketability: body chemistry, skin sensitivity, temperature, product delivery preferences (stick, roll-on, or spray), anti-perspirant needs...the list goes on. In formulating our natural deodorant, I had 4 main objectives in mind: To create a natural (For Real-no greenwashing) deodorant that:
  1. works actively at obstructing bacterial growth
  2.  has a measure of anti-perspiration for those who want control of dampness
  3. smells pleasant as the wind blows through the body ;) (we're considerate of those downwind!)
  4. has a delivery method that people would accept
Each of these objectives were obstacles within themselves because, again, we at Savvy Bohème are committed to not only staying away from unnatural ingredients like propylene glycol (which would give the deodorant a nice solid form that people are used to) and aluminum (which prevents perspiration) but also want our active NATURAL ingredients to be as effective as possible, with as few "mental adjustments" as necessary. We wanted to make the switch from synthetic to REAL deodorant a very smooth transition for our customers. Soooooo.....after months (MONTHS) of research, development, testing, comparing, and trashing formulations, we finally landed on a blend of completely REAL, exceptionally active ingredients that met our objectives pretty closely. However..... I was still insecure about the overall formulation because I was stuck on two drawbacks:
  1. In spite of the fact that it is GOOD for us to sweat, I really wanted to reduce perspiration for our extra-sweaty people, and without aluminum, that is almost impossible. Almost.
  2. Even though I have been able to solidify the formula so that it is in a stick form, it's still temperature-sensitive. (Ya can't leave it in your car.)
I walked around with this really good, very effective, completely natural deodorant that I was using myself and giving to friends and family, but withholding from YOU because I was stuck on its drawbacks. Until...... I was invited to present our products at a swimsuit party. I was reminded that there would be a lot of naked armpits at the show that day, and it would be a perfect time to launch the deodorant. Of course, as usual, I fretted over the release because of those things I said earlier, plus, I hadn't labeled the product yet- we didn't even have a name. My very influential (bossy) mom, when listening to my reasons for withholding, retorted with the following: "They. Are. Ready. Sell. Them." So, 1 hour before the show, I did what I always do to stir up my creative juices: Got in the car, turned up the tunes (Katie Herzig for this one), grabbed a Tall Americano from my Mermaid, and prayed. And then, it came to me: When Doctor Who (the 10th Doctor) was in desperate situations and needed "wisdom and consolation of the soul", he uttered these words: "Allons-Y!", and then got busy saving whatever planet he was on. And then I remembered that phrase from my French textbook in high school, and that it translates, "Let's Go!" and also, "Come with me"... And I realized that there is a time for preparation, and then there's a time to get on with it. So, this is us getting on with it: 20120505-_MG_5726-1-625x581 We are pleased to present to you,  "Allons-Y!" Natural (for Real) Deodorant. (Phase 1)
  • extremely effective at preventing odor
  • rice powder, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and sage extract work together at combating wetness
  • essential oils added for antibacterial defense as well as contributing to pleasant scent downwind
  • solid stick form for easy application
  • organic calendula, sweet almond, and coconut oils, as well as organic cocoa butter aid in soothing and moisturizing delicate underarm skin
We will continue to develop its character, and regenerate, if necessary to consistantly offer you the very best odor and wetness protection. Allons-Y! (or, as we say in my household, "Lehmanns Locomote!") Click Here to purchase your very own Allons-Y! Natural (for Real) Deodorant
Keri Lehmann
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