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That month of LOVE is coming up soon, and I'm feeling very inspired! In anticipation for the impending launch of our VERY ROMANTIC New Product, let's have a GIVE-AWAY! Answer the following question in whatever manner you like, and we will select a  (1) winner using a randomizer. The winner will receive our last-year's St. Valentine's Day gift set, Picasso's Rose Raw Sugar Scrub and Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter body moisturizer. It's beautiful and romantical and inspirational and moisturizational ;) You'll love it, and it'll hold you off till our VERY ROMANTIC New Product launches next week. Watch for it! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends' neighbors! Here's the question: What's your muse? What (or who) is that thing that inspires you to dream of traveling to lands far away, or write that Great American Novel that you've been putting off, or quit your job to serve in the Peace Corp...Where does your inspiration come from? I'm dying to know... Contest Rules: One entry per person, please.  At 11:00 pm Thursday night (January 26, 2012), I will close the contest and anounce the winner (which will be selected by Random.org). Get your groove on! *Bonus Round* : An additional set will be given away to the first person who spots the 2 errors in the photo below. These shots were taken last February, about 5 seconds after the labels were designed and slapped on the product, and the error was not noticed until several months later. We're observant like that. So, if you can catch the 2 errors within 24 hours, you deserve a free set and a job as our product editor, but we're currently fully staffed, so....products are what you get ;) But remember- it has to be BOTH errors. If you just list one, you'll give it away to the next contestant. Same rules apply to the bonus round contestants -one entry per person, winner announced at contest close 11:00 thursday night, etc). Additionally, if the bonus round contestant winner happens to also be the question contestant winner, I'll hook ya up with a special extra gift, but randomize another winner for the question contest. All's fair in love and war, eh? (only fair to the rule maker,that is ;) Off we go! Update: And the winners are: *For the Randomized selection, the winner of the gift set goes to Jodi. (WooHoo!) *For the Bonus Round, although Amanda Kopp and Lora Owens worked it out together, Amanda was the first to combine the two mistakes into a single post. So, Congrats, AMANDA! One Savvy Bohéme gift set is coming at ya! Thanks to everyone for playing!


Keri Lehmann
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