Rule # 1: Don't Kick the Wall. ('cause you're the one who has to fix it!)

Why are family pictures so difficult to orchestrate?  It's not as if they are going to be displayed in the Smithsonian, for gosh sakes (that is, unless you become the President)! But twice in my lifetime-nay-thrice have I attempted the professional family portrait, and each attempt produced results worse than the last. I am not sure if it's the expectation of what a "family portrait" should look like- I mean, we have all seen the stunning shots of those families dressed in coordinated clothing, barefooted, perfectly coiffed hairs and sun-kissed skin- who doesn't wish their families vacationed in the Hamptons in the summers and frolicked the days away on the beach? I really want my kids to look as groomed the Kennedy Clan. But somehow, upon every scheduled photo session, we all manage to fall apart- emotionally, physically, know it's not a word...). Our last photo session began with me very uncharacteristically kicking a dent in the wall out of frustration, and ended with some absolutely well-photographed pictures of a ragamuffin crew of a family. We all needed hair cuts, premeditated clothing choices, and, by all means, new shoes. (I guess that, just because a four-year old CAN dress himself, doesn't mean he SHOULD...) When I saw the proofs, I felt sorry for the highly sought-after photographer who probably wished she was doing something more productive like flossing her teeth or watching paint dry. She was extremely kind to us, though, in spite of our severely lackadaisical approach to the event. Ultimately, we walked away with a pic that I think best depicts the personalites of our family members: Wilson-active and silly, Amelia-musing and demure, Solo-in constant protest, Aaron- always comfortable in his environment, and I-uttering commands behind feigned smiles ("sit. up. now. son.").


So, in celebration and welcoming of the New Year ahead of us all, The Lehmanns would like to wish you a Truly Prosperous New Year, full of wonder, love, and accomplishment, and pray that you have the grace and peace to tolerate really annoying situations! Say "CHEEEEESE!"

Keri Lehmann
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