Twitter: The New Facebook (which was the new MySpace)

I joined Twitter a few months ago, understanding that like everything else in life, trends change, and social networking was streamlining itself into less personal interludes, presented in 140 words or less. (I mean, really, do we need to know EVERY DETAIL of every moment of each others' lives?)  Although I must admit, there is an attraction to knowing how people spend their days- maybe it's voyeurism...or maybe it's just time suckage...Either way, apparently in spite of it's lure, with Facebook, people are growing bored, and are wanting something different socially.  In fact, just today, my cousin posted his last status on Facebook.  And I quote, "I'm Done, FB", and with that, a deleted profile... I found an ecard that I posted on Facebook that was indicative of the growing public sentiment of Facebook statuses:            

It was pretty funny if I do say so myself, no matter how guilty I may be of the pretense... And, if I may be so bold as to present my  FB Pretend-I-Have-An-Awesome-Life picture, it would be this one: Because this picture (ignore the lighting issues, please) says to the viewer, " My Husband and I ADORE each other, and we are obviously on vacation in a very beautiful place where we have time to get all snuggled up in cozy clothes and take pictures on high altitudes, and look very serene." But what it isn't saying is that while we were taking this picture, there were two small children that belonged to us who were possibly, probably very near the edge of an extremely steep something, and for every moment that we were on this excursion, my heart was pausing, thumping, leaping out of my throat in fear that one of them would die.  And I am CERTAIN that they were taking turns crying.  And needing to go to the bathroom...And fighting... Anywho, I set up a Twitter account under my personal name, and then my trusty Web-guy, Jon Blundell, who never misses a beat, voluntarily set up a business account under Savvy Bohème, and got me some followers immediately (everyone loves him).  And so now, I am trying to keep up, like everyone else, with all sorts of social networks, and attempting to think of really clever and exceptionally witty things to tweet about... So far, I am mostly just finding people to follow and wishing I had come up with that brilliant tweet I had just read... But what Twitter has done for me that Facebook never could is to allow people, complete strangers to follow my thoughts (and I, theirs) without having to have a background check or glimpse into our personal lives.  It all seems very friendly- business like, and not nearly as intrusive to me. It's like the difference between going to a company picnic and being a part of Madea's Family Reunion (not that I wouldn't want to go to Madea's family reunion...I really would!).  Twitter just seems more civil to me...and VERY informational... During one of my searches for new people or groups to follow, I found Todra Payne, a professional make-up artist with a hefty resume, who developed a pretty cool venue for people in my field, as well as consumers who are interested in natural body care, to meet and network, called Healthy Beauty Social.  She also created a website linked to the network, Healthy Beauty Project, that provides articles, information and updates on natural beauty care.  She is brilliant in her field, and is a well of information.  As we developed our acquantances, the topic of writing articles for the website came up, and, yada, yada, yada, I got to write one myself!  I actually dreamt of an article to write, a REALLY FUNNY one that was cracking me up in my sleep, but I went with another topic instead and now I CANNOT remember, for the LIFE OF ME how the funny one went... Not a lick of it.  And it was GOOD....I'm pretty sure...I can't remember... So, there are three morals to this story:

  1. Twitter allows you to make valuable connections and lands you gigs, while Facebook keeps you posted on your great aunt's colonoscopies, and your neighbors' A-MAZING children. ;)
  2. Write down your dreams.  At least the funny ones, anyway...
  3. Facebook is still TOTALLY WORTH IT...a little "Awesomeness" in our lives is good for us.
So, find me on Twitter: for a slightly more personal glimpse, or to keep it ALL business. (Don't worry- I don't tweet much yet) So...What's YOUR Pretend I Have an Awesome Life pic?  I'd LOVE to see it! Happy Networking!  
Keri Lehmann
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