The Secret to Real Success

We celebrated the 4th anniversary of the birth of my Handsome #2 son, Solomon (the ;) )Grey this past weekend.

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When we named him those years ago, we wanted to choose a good name with an influential meaning behind it; Our Handsome # 1, Wilson, was named with the meaning, "Resolute Guardian", and has wielded a sword, a HUGE heart, and a strong sense of justice from the time he could walk.    Our hope and prayer for Solomon was the same: Let him be a man of Wisdom and Peace.    A homeless woman that I once met, after telling her our boys' name meanings, pointed out that we had a " 'David' to go with our Solomon"- I hadn't considered that before, but I thought it was a brilliant observation.  From "the least of these" That's how God works. In contemplating how blessed we are to have our Solomon, I decided to read what God had to say about WISDOM, and in doing so, just happened to uncover the mystery of the [dropcap]Secret to Real Success[/dropcap]   - it's like a REAL LIFE treasure huntCheck it out: Proverbs 8:12-36, the Short Short version:

(Keri's Paraphrase)

I, Wisdom, live together with Good Judgement. I know where to Discover Knowledge and Discernment...Good Advice and Success belong to me.

I (Wisdom) love those who love me.  Those who search for me will surely find me. Unending Riches, Honor, Wealth and Justice are mine to distribute...Those who love me will inherit wealth, for I (Wisdom) fill their treasuries.

And, so, my children, listen to me (Wisdom), for happy are all who follow my ways...Whoever finds me finds life and wins approval from the Lord.  But those who miss me have injured themselves.


Absolutely simple.

Amazingly practical.

Seek Wisdom like Hidden Treasure.  It is far more valuable than Rubies, and nothing you desire can compare to it.

What I REALLY loved about those passages was something I had never seen before, hidden within the paragraphs of Proverbs 8.

Wisdom says of herself, "The Lord formed me from the beginning, before He created anything else...before the oceans were created, before the springs bubbled forth their waters, before the mountains and the hills were formed-I was born."


Wisdom goes on to say that she was there when God established the Heavens and drew the horizons of the ocean (LUCKY!  Wish I could have seen that!) and when He set the clouds above and established the fountains of the deep, and drew the boundaries of the seas, and when He marked off the Earth's foundations.

  She says that she was the Architect at His side (reminds me of a Heavenly version of Eve- the life sustainer beside Adam) -His constant delight, rejoicing always in His presence and enjoying all that He had made- the whole earth and the people in it.

I cannot help but romanticize that last sentence-that Wisdom was right beside God, and was His Constant Delight, rejoicing always in His presence and enjoying ALL THAT GOD HAD MADE-the WHOLE earth and the people in it.

[highlight]I was imagining a young married couple, standing side by side: He and she having completed the daunting task of building their future home together.  She, with discernment, offering direction when needed, and bathing him in Appreciation and Congratulations as He completes each milestone...And He, with strength and fidelity, working diligently to completion, and Taking Great Delight in her admiration.[/highlight]

It is a beautiful marriage of the masculinity and femininity of God, an image that I have witnessed in loving couples throughout my life, and I, myself am rejoicing in the vision of it all...


What a magnificent treasure hunt: to seek after the Architect of the Earth, the one who distributes Riches, Honor, Wealth and Justice, and to find prosperity worth far more than gold and silver-True Success!

And the key that unlocks the chest that holds the map?

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.  Knowledge of the Holy One results in Understanding."

The Hunt is ON.

Keri Lehmann
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